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Films Screened In 1973

An impression of the world of a female star of the past, mixing fiction and a collage of moving photographs. ... Read more
A comic horror cartoon about a submarine. ... Read more
This film was made for television, and is dedicated to the filmmakers of Czechoslovakia. ... It is structured around a young couple's first sexual encounter which is witnessed by three men. Our attention is upon the three men —a lazy bum, a voyeur, and his aggressive cousin —and on what ... Read more
Margit is in her thirties, has two children and no husband. Flash­backs provide us with information about her past aflfairs-with the Church, with a professor who left her pregnant, and with a blind man who defected to the West, leaving her with the prospect of a second fatherless child. She now ... Read more
The work of Lester James Peries has an enviable reputation in Ceylon, but is, as yet, little known elsewhere. This film, his first to be shown in Australia should provide a more than adequate introduction. It deals with the fragile nature of human relations in a style somewhat reminiscent of ... Read more
Directed by Barbet Schroeder, photographed by the brilliant Cuban, Nestor Almendros, and scored by American underground rock group, Pink Floyd, La vallee follows the experiences of a young woman discovering a new world in the wilds of New Guinea. ... Viviane, the wife of the French Consul-General ... Read more
A young man examining his relationship with his surroundings discovers a gapping void deep inside himself. ... Read more
Zaninovic's derisive wit hits hardest in this parable on stubborn determination. A simple concept rendered adroitly. ... Read more
The gravest decisions of life and death may be affected by the smallest, everyday occurrences. ... Read more
Personal impressions of an immigrant's first five years in Canada, recorded in snapshots. ... Read more
A symbolic short by the leading Dutch experimental film maker, Franz Zwartjes. The action takes place in a garden where a woman tries to find a place for a doll. There is no normal development of the story; realistic scenes are interrupted by abstract sequences. Sound and time-flow are manipulated. ... Read more
A countdown on a child learning to walk - arguably the best 'mini mini' made. ... Read more
Ghosts and vampires on a lark in the neighbourhood cemetery. ... Read more
Witty and subtle, a thesis on intolerance down through the centuries in national, social, religious and political contexts. ... Read more
Animated tools perform an intricately choreographed ballet. ... Read more
With a cast of 123 spinning tops. the film shows the great variety in the launching, spinning and performance of this colourful children's toy. ... Read more
A documentary on a radio station's guide in Montreal, who, from his helicopter, advises commuters on how to get to or from their work with the least delay. ... Read more
Trash deals with humans close to despair, but its tone is a comic one. Joe's problem is impotence, the result of his addiction to heroin. This film traces the various attempts made to revivify his drooping manhood and to rid him of his craving for artificial stimulation. Geri, a stripper, goes ... Read more
Being the destructive efforts necessary to stop a very common, but very persistent, tapping noise. ... Read more
A variety of evocative and brilliantly coloured, computer-generated patterns. ... Read more
A comment on the history and current trends of violence in the cinema. ... Read more
In this commercial, a man and a woman in a bath have fun with bath cosmetics. ... Read more
Having been hatched, and realizing what kind of world it is into which he has arrived, the man closes himself in a can immediately. ... Read more
To celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. by the four film exhibitor Warner brothers fifty years ago, this compilation film was prepared. The film shows excerpts from memorable Warner Bros. productions, including a number from Mame, which is currently being ... Read more
A middle-aged woman talks on the phone about a funeral she attended earlier in the day. If we listen to her carefully, we discover that she is not talking about the funeral at all - she is talking about herself. ... Read more
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