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Films Screened In 1973

Funeral (József Gémes, 1972)
Obsequies, a moving speech, tears. Suddenly, the orator starts to say curious things and the solemnity of the occasion is brutality destroyed. ... Read more

Genie (Bahram Reypour, 1972)
Night falls in an Iranian home. A strange knocking at the door. A superstitious old woman and her cowardly son are sure they are being visited by a genie. ... Read more

Good Grief! (Mike Jittlov, 1972)
A couple of good reasons for a night-light ... (the film being a probing plunge into the psyche of the child after hours, and possible cause of the adult insomniac). ... Read more

Grey City (Farshid Messghali, 1972)
An animated film about a green man who goes to a city without colour-the grey city. He brings a flower, which the inhabitants have never seen before, and suggests they, loo, can grow flowers. They re… Read more

HAITI 1971 (Ib Makwarth, 1972)
This report from Papa Doc's and Baby Doc's Haiti shows the state of the Negro population in the Caribbean republic. Aiming at complete impartiality, the film presents facts and allows them to speak f… Read more

How the Cossacks Played Soccer (Vladimir Dakhno, 1970)
A fairy-tale about the daring soccer-team of Dnieper Cossacks who travelled abroad and won all the games with knights, musketeers and islanders, showing wonders of resourcefulness and wit. ... Read more

Hubertus, The Life of an Artist (Eugen Alexandrow, 1971)
Hubertus collects old umbrellas, from which he creates abstract pictures. These he offers for sale on a busy street, eliciting varied reactions from the passers by. ... Read more

I AM CURIOUS - BLUE (Vilgot Sjöman, )
Whilst filming what was to have been a single feature called / Am Curious, director Sjoman found that he could not adequately say all that he wished within a single film of ordinary length. / Am Curi… Read more

I AM CURIOUS - YELLOW (Vilgto Sjöman, )
Vilgot Sjoman is the maker of The Mistress and My Sister My Love, and whilst both these films were noted for their explicit treatment of 'dangerous' subjects, the development of a sexual relationship… Read more

Icarus 1 (Milan Blažeković, 1969)
A 'mini mini' cartoon on the theme of curiosity. ... Read more

IMAGES (Robert Altman, 1972)
Images proceeds like an Escber drawing, like a dragon reaching out and back into the screen, into the mind, into the fractured visions of Cathryn, beautiful, privileged and fragile as glass. ... Her … Read more

In Continuo (Vlatko Gilić, 1971)
A multi-award winning film, presenting an ordinary day in a slaughterhouse in terms of the blood spilled. ... Read more

In Other Words (Stig Björkman, 1970)
Mao Tse Tung said: "To study is to learn, but to work is also to learn, and the more important way of learning." Two members of a political group are challenged to test this theory in practice. ... Read more

INGMAR BERGMAN (Stig Björkman, 1972)
This is a study of Ingmar Bergman, as film director. The film was made during the preparation and shooting of The Touch, and gives a penetrating portrait of Bergman. It contains a long interview in w… Read more

Iran (Claude Lelouch, Claude Pinoteau, 1972)
Lelouch's camera flows through Iran observing the emerging country's customs, mysteries and beauties. The people and their land are knit together in his impressionistic approach. ... Read more

It's Ours Whatever They Say (Jenny Barraclough, 1972)
A little boy is killed falling off a roof, because the children have nowhere safe to play. The Council seems indifferent, but the accident catalyses the parents on the estate into militant action; th… Read more

Jackpot Town (Roger Whittaker, 1972)
Fast moving visual trip through and around Coober Pedy. Tough men find and sell opal for big money, then gamble it away. People with opal fever living underground with few restrictions and few amenit… Read more

Joshua and the Blob (John C Lange, 1972)
Joshua meets the famous comic Blob, and difficulties ensue. ... Read more

Judas (Vlatko Gilić, 1972)
In the rocky wastes of Mount Velebit, men have lived for centuries in close proximity with snakes. They learned to anticipate and cope with the dangers of the evil region, but the true battle begins … Read more

Kelly Country (Stuart Cooper, 1972)
Kelly Country is a journey across Australia, seen through the paintings of Sidney Nolan. ... Read more

Kino (V Erweiss, 1970)
A battered truck crosses dangerous mountain roads on its way to show films to the inhabitants of a Pamirian village. The driver is a one-man band - he not only delivers the films, but also pastes up … Read more

KLARA LUST (Kjell Grede, 1972)
Helge, Iike Kjell Grede's other heroes in Hugo and Josefin and Harry Munter, is a young man in love with life. He lives with his mother, a boarder named Pussy, and her young son. He is outgoing and g… Read more

Krek (Borivoj Dovniković, 1967)
Dovnikovic's salute to all the sergeants of the world. A masterful blend of humour and psychology, this is Dovnikovic at his best. ... Silver Bear, Berlin, 1968. ... Read more

La Chute (Paul Dopff, 1972)
Paul Doprf's animated film offers a brief reflection on the cinema. There is a mystery ... could the characters of the film be the spectators? ... Read more

Labyrinth (NV Parkfilm, 1972)
In the Holland Festival for music and drama, a play for total theatre, 'Labyrint', was performed. In this play, film took an important part. Later on the film parts were edited to a separate short fi… Read more

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