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Films Screened In 1973

What Colour is the Wind (Henry Herbert, 1972)
A day in the life of a group of blind children living together in a 'Sunshine Home' at Norlhwood, Middlesex. The film is impression­istic with no interviews and no narration. It shows the relatio… Read more

Who’s Afraid of a Little Man (Pavel Prochazka, 1971)
A little boy is being bullied by bigger boys in this cartoon, until his grandfather teaches him how to stand up for himself. ... Read more

Why? (Jean-Denis Berenbaum, 1971)
Jean-Denis Berenbaum's 'committed' film owes much to pantomime as a young white man and an African refuse the world of the wealthy which is more concerned with the splendour of its appearance than wi… Read more

Wind in the Wires (John Edwards, 1972)
An investigation of the most important decade in the history of flight, skilfully recreating the endeavours of the pioneers in their fragile craft during the years between 1909 and 1919. ... Read more

Wings and Things (R O Lehman, 1972)
A free documentary on the building and flying of model aircraft. ... Read more

Woof-Woof (Boris Kolar, 1964)
Kolar at his best with a simple graphic. Dog and cat are smudges of lines in different colours in the traditional cartoon rivalry. ... Read more

Yes, It’s On (S N S Sastry, 1972)
A pictorial survey of India on the march, with an emphasis on the social consciousness pervading the country. ... Read more

YOU AND ME (Larissa Shepitko, 1972)
You and Me, acclaimed by critics at the Venice Film Festival, is the third film directed by 34-year-old Larissa Shepitko, whose previous works are Heat (1963) and Wings (1966). ... Piotr is a reasona… Read more

Zikkaron (Laurent Coderre, 1971)
An animated allegory in which fleeting, elusive images depict the cycle of life or, by extension, the course of man's evolution. ... Read more

“G” (Jon Huberth, 1971)
An ecobalance is established in New York City. ... Read more

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