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Films Screened In 1983

Once There Was a Dog (E. Nazarov, 1982)
delightful Ukranian folk tale with matching graphics. ... Read more

One Day at a Time (Kim McHarg, Vivian McHarg, 1983)
Living with a child who has leukemia. ... Read more

OUT OF ORDER (Diane Christian, Bruce Jackson, 1983)
Female socialisation and identity is being examined from a very unusual perspective: Six former nuns tell the stories of their lives: trying to come to terms with both their decision to take orders a… Read more

PANTOMIME DAME (Elizabeth Wood, 1982)
Men dressed up as women are a unique aspect of British pantomime. Introduced by Victoria Wood, classic Dames give ... their ideas about the character and are seen backstage and in performance. ... Read more

Peel (Jane Campion, 1982)
A charming family outing ... Read more

PETER GRIMES (John Vernon, 1981)
The opera is set in a small fishing town on the East Anglian coast of England about 1830. ... Peter Grimes, a difficult and irrascible fisherman, alienated by temperament and character from the villa… Read more

Pieces (Hermine Huntgeburth, 1982)
Hermine Huntgeburth writes: "The film is a confrontation between my childhood in a small town, my very Catholic upbringing, and my feelings about life in Hamburg a year ago''. ... Read more

Pig Bird (Richard Condie, 1982)
A commercial for Canada Customs, to discourage smuggling. ... Read more

Pink Triangles (Pink Triangles Group, 1982)
The film examines the historical and contemporary patterns of persecution o homosexuality and makes connections with other forms of discrimination. ... Read more

PLAINSONG (Ed Stabile, 1982)
Ed Stabile's first feature film tells the story of a group of newly arrived settlers at the American frontier, about one hundred years ago. ... It shows how their initial hopes and expectations are c… Read more

POACHERS (Hans Otto Nicolayssen, 1981)
Martin, a young man doing his military service, has to face his first confrontation with a crucial dilemma: a military shooting range has been installed on the common grazing grounds of the village. … Read more

Power Snooker (Michael Nicholson, 1982)
Cut-out animation featuring the heads of Australian politicians as balls in an intriguing game of Power Snooker, where the links of Hawke, Hayden and Fraser collide on slate. ... Read more

PRIVATE LIFE (Yuli Raizman, 1982)
Unusually for a Soviet film, Private Life deals with a very private problem: the despair of an executive suddenly retired into the life of an eternal weekend. The story of this man is seen against th… Read more

Qatar - A Quest for Excellence (Greenpark Productions, 1982)
A visual impression of the State of Qatar, set to music. ... Read more

QUEST FOR POWER (Saul Landau, Frank Diamond, 1982)
Quest for Power is a film about the values, the style and goals of a new and radical Right-Wing movement in the United States: the so-called "New Right''. The film shows the leaders of this populist … Read more

RAT TRAP (Adoor Gopalakrishnan, 1983)
In his third feature writer/director Adoor Gopalakrishan has established a stylised study of paranoia. ... An indolent, selfish landowner expects his family to wait on him hand and foot. When he has … Read more

Rebel, Rebel (Stephen Bennet, 1982)
A young Jewish boy looks for identity through film stars of the past and through his relationship with his grandmother. ... Read more

Reflex (Craig Wood, 1982)
In his excellent first film, Craig Wood tells about a young man who is haunted by premonitions of his own death. ... Read more

Refrigerator (Jonathan Sinaiko, 1983)
A Kafkaesque nightmare about a lonely man whose life is gradually taken over by a noisy intractable ice box. ... Read more

Return to the Dreaming (Cecil Holmes, 1968)
An old Aboriginal painter, Yirawalla, returns to his "Dreaming'' in Central Arnhem Land to reveal to his children his and their origins. ... Read more

Robinson and the Plane (G. Sokoljsky, 1982)
Robinson's encounter with a visitor. ... Read more

ROCKABY (D. A. Pennebaker, C. Hegedus, 1982)
The film is a unique record of a new play,' 'Rockaby", by Samuel Beckett. The world premiere took place on Beckett's 75th Birthday at the Centre for Theatric Research at the State University of New Y… Read more

ROSA (Christoforo Christofis, 1982)
Rosa of the film's title, is Rosa Lux¬emburg, whose spirit is still alive in the old boarding house in Trieste, where she used to meet one of her companions from the "Spartakusbund." ... he inhab… Read more

ROSES IN DECEMBER (A. Carrigan, B. Stone, 1982)
December, 1980 lay missioner Jean Donovan and three American nuns were brutally murdered in El Salvador. Roses in December - The story of Jean Donovan chronicles the brief life of this young woman wh… Read more

SALLY AND FREEDOM (Gunnel Lindblom, 1981)
Gunnel Lindblom's second feature is about women and for women. ... To free herself from his domination, 30-year-old Sally, a social worker, decides to leave her husband, Jonas, and sets out to create… Read more

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