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Films Screened In 1984

Set against the background of today's Beijing, the film portrays the lives of ordinary people, living in three rather shabby, old-fashioned courtyards on Sunset Street. ... Twelve families, all cherishing their dreams and hopes, trying to cope with their problems which are not of the earth-shaking ... Read more
An experimental animation exploring the ideas of Paul Klee on colour and movement by the use of computer generated ... graphics. ... Read more
Set in Ontario's cottage country, this finely crafted drama traces the events of a Saturday night when two teenage boys pick up two local girls and take them for a ride. ... The turbulent emotions of their first sexual encounter are entangled with values, expectations, class differences, peer ... Read more
Young curate Melpomenus Jones was too polite and timid for his own good. On the first day of his six week vacation he called on friends for afternoon tea Responding literally to the victuals of politeness, he just couldn't bring himself to make his farewells. ... Read more
A young man is hired out as a bodyguard to a man of unspecified -possibly criminal - business interests. It is his first experience of the body guarding profession, and he has a few thing to learn... ... Read more
Euolaz—one of those comfortable, sprawling Swiss villages where the cattle trot home in the evening and the streets echo ... the sound of their bells. TV journalist Bernard Fontana arrives with his assistant Didier to record an interview with an expert on famine and malnutrition, who has ... Read more
The Melbourne Him Festival has been showing Chantal Akerman's highly original and demanding films regularly over the years ("Jeanne Dielrnan", "Les Rendezvous D'Anna", "Toute Une Nuit",) with varying success. Her latest, ... "The Eighties", is the most entertaining of her oeuvre so farand is likely ... Read more
In the hands of the successful Dutch film trio, producer Rob Houwer, Director Paul Verhoeven and scriptwriter Gerad Soetemna, Gerard Reve's spirited, ironical novel develops into and intriguing, atmospheric blend of realism and fantasy. ... Although the protagonist, a gay writer, is also called ... Read more
A philosophical musical exploring the mythical and economic transformation of women into gold: transferable ... wealth, to be alternately worshipped and plundered. The central characters are two women, each engaged in aquest to explain her own existence. ... One (Colette Laffont) is, ... black ... Read more
A country club member becomes a peculiar victim of circumstance; every attempt to make things better only worsens the situation. In quick succession, fifty other characters at the club become involved in a comic chain of events. ... Read more
The surrealistic evocation of a young Jewish woman's alienation and spiritual search. She leaves her home in Jerusalem's religious quarters and embarks on a lonely Journey. Her personal odyssey, as much an interior as an exterior quest, takes her into Arab lands, including remote areas of North ... Read more
The film tells of the everyday life of a young man employed in the taxation department who one day, while riding to work, ... falls in love with a young woman. Their love affair coincides with the beginning of the second war between Israel and its neighbouring Arab states. ... Neither the war nor ... Read more
This is the film that firlmy established Ruiz at the centre of debates on the avant-garde of the last ten years. It started off as A documentary on Parisian intellectual, Pierre Klossowski,who had just finished working with Ruiz on the adaptation of one of his novels "La Vocation Suspendue". ... It ... Read more
An innocent, imaginative young man becomes attracted an ... finally infatuated by a shop window dummy.Can it be that the dummy is conscious of him, and sending him subtle signals? ... Read more
We see an average family with two school-age children and small baby. Both parents work at jobs outside of the house. The wife puts in the same hours as her husband, but makes much less in wages. In addition, she has the traditional responsibility for household chores and taking care of the ... Read more
The “Iron Horse", about the transcontinental track-laying ... race between the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific, is one of the finest of the epic westerns, and greatly influenced ... subsequent sagas of frontier life. It was filmed entirely on location with imaginative use of landscape. ... Read more
A fascinating documentary made for television, on the life and career of silent screen star Francesca Bertini, now a sprightly 90 years of age. We get an intriguing look into the early days of Italian cinema, with Bertini positively luminous in sequences shot around the same time as Griffith in ... Read more
An observation from nature leads a team of innovators to a radical new idea in commuter transportation, the film invites the audience to question traditional assumptions about cars-why four wheels, why a rigid frame, why multiple passengers? ... Read more
Until the Risorgimento of 1839 Italy had been a cluster of feudal monarchies propped up by the crumbling Austrian Empire. Within a few years Garibaldi's vanguard of "Red Shuts" landed in Sicily and worked their way northwards against scattered resistance. ... In their wake sprang up new-found ... Read more
An unexpected letter starts tugging at the threads of a neatly woven life. ... Read more
When a party of drunks becomes trapped in a lift in a high rise office building and almost suffocates before being rescued, a maintenance man, Felix Adelaar,is called in to check the installation. He finds nothing wrong, when the lift apparently, lures a blind man to fall to his death in the lift ... Read more
"The Makioka Sisters" is based on one of the classics of Japanese literature, a family epic along the lines of "The ... Forsyte Saga" or, "The Magnificent Ambersons", by famous ... writer Junichiro Tanizaki ... The film chronicles the life and affairs of four sisters in 1920's. ... Japan, depicting ... Read more
The pictorial biography of Max Linder who died nearly 60 years ago, retrieved and restored by the daughter who never new him. Maude Linder was a baby when her parents ... committed suicide (for reasons still unknown),and she did not learn the identity of her father until she was a grown woman. ... Read more
The first version of this thriller, produced in 1934 in England,was a critical and popular success which helped to establish ... Hitchcock's reputation. The storyline, based on a Bulldog Drummond book, was simple yet effective. ... A British couple on vacation in Switzerland learn of an ... Read more
It is he year 1922. A British solider who has been fighting on the Ottoman front, has been wounded, captured, imprisoned and tortured ...Has witnessed destruction, barbarism, massacres, inhumanity of man against man. As a result of this he has become mentally and Psychically disabled. He returns ... Read more
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