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Films Screened In 1985

Gold & Brown (Peter Cherry, )
A calypso moon rises as does the thirst for this 'gold & brown' drink. ... Read more

HALF LIFE (Dennis O'Rourke, 1985)
Most of us imagine the Pacific as a place of idyllic tropical islands, beautiful palm-fringed beaches and sparkling azure seas, where carefree islanders live contentedly in Paradise. In the Nuclear A… Read more

HALF TRUTH (Govind Nihalani, 1983)
A powerful and angry film about corruption in the Bombay police force, Half Truth is a major breakthrough for the Indian cinema, representing the first time an Indian filmmaker has dared a head-on co… Read more

Happy Birthday (Pierre Etaix, Jean-Claude Carrière, 1961)
Synopsis not available Read more

HAUNTERS OF THE DEEP (Andrew Bogle, 1984)
The setting is Cornwall, where an abandoned tin mine is about to be reopened. Old Captain Tregellis, whose boyhood friend was killed in a mining disaster there at the turn of the century, warns again… Read more

HEART LIKE A WHEEL (Jonathan Kaplan, 1983)
Heart Like A Wheel spans twenty-five years in the career of Shirley Muldowney - the first American professional female race car driver, and three time winner of the World Championship staged by the A… Read more

HEIMAT (Edgar Reitz, 1984)
Edgar Reitz' Heimat is more than just the longest film ever made, more even than the apex of the New German Cinema: It is a true landmark in the history of world cinema. At over 15 hours, Heimat cove… Read more

HERE WE GO (Richard Anthony, 1985)
Yorkshire miners and their supporters make a grass roots assessment of the 12 month British miners' strike. ... Read more

HOMECOMING (Yim Ho, 1984)
Shan Shan, a young businesswoman tired of the materialistic life in Hong Kong, returns to the small village in southern China to visit the grave of her recently deceased grandmother. She meets her ch… Read more

Hommage a August Sander (Pavel Schnabel, 1977)
Documentary on German photographer A. Sander (1876-1964), which attempts to reconstruct the special relationship between Sander and the people he photographed, mainly in the country area of the Weste… Read more

HONKY TONK MAN (Clint Eastwood, 1983)
A slightly off-handed way of reviewing Honky Tonk Man would be to write which is true anyway - that after having been taken for John Wayne, Clint Eastwood can now be taken for John Ford himself. One … Read more

Hostage (Aisling Walsh, 1984)
A tense drama about a terrorist group holed up in a remote farmhouse in the Irish Republic. Veronica Quilligan plays the odd woman out who gradually assumes control in the war of nerves that ensues w… Read more

I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (Brian McKenzie, 1984)
I'll be Home for Christmas cuts through social taboos to explore the subculture of people commonly dismissed as ‘derelicts'. In its portrayal of five homeless men, the film challenges conventional … Read more

IMAGES OF GERMANY (Hartmut Bitomsky, Heiner Muhlenbrock, 1983)
A remarkable example of the 'Kulturfilme' - a series of general short subjects produced by the Nazis during the Third Reich and designed to foster and reinforce the correct ideological attitudes to s… Read more

Impressions of the Blockade (Anthony Lawrence, 1984)
An experimental film on the Franklin River Dam issue using visual manipulations to heighten the emotional and political involvement of those concerned. ... Read more

IMPROPER CONDUCT (Nestor Almendros, Orlando Jimenez Leal, 1984)
Improper Conduct has raised storms of controversy wherever it has been screened. The general thesis is quite simple: consolidating his power in Cuba, Castro systematically proceeded to stamp out poli… Read more

As versatile an ethno-musicologist as Mr Blank is, his approach to his material involves at least as much warmth as scholarship. The music, as depicted here, becomes a natural unfiltered reflection o… Read more

Incongruous (Paul Winkler, 1984)
Ordinary city images of our daily city environment are photographically reshaped to produce a new set of seemingly incongruous images, revealing a black humour: after all, it's all just water off a d… Read more

INSIGNIFICANCE (Nicolas Roeg, 1985)
1953. New York hotel room. Sweaty summer night. A professor has been summoned to the Big Apple to testify in the communist witch hunt hearings. He meets a slightly daffy actress with an exceedingly d… Read more

Iron Lady (John LePelley, 1983)
An animation in sheet and molten metal gives fuel to a searing indictment of Margaret Thatcher's policies during the Falklands War. ... Read more

Is It Working? (John Hughes, 1985)
This film considers the influence of George Seelaf, whose commitment to labor movement ideals has provided crucial support for radical artists and writers since the 1930's. ... Read more

JACK JOHNSON (William Cayden, 1970)
"I'm Jack Johnson, ... I'm black, they never let me forget it ... I'm black alright ... I'll never let them forget it" ... A documentary biography, previously unscreened in Australia, of the first bl… Read more

Jean Marie Straub & Danielle Huillet at Work (Harun Farocki, 1984)
This film was shot over four days during the making of Straub-Huillet's Class Relations, in which Farocki was involved as an actor. The Straubs' literary reference was Franz Kafka's Amerika and their… Read more

Johnny or the Raw Meat (Eva Heldmann, )
Synopsis not available Read more

JOURNEY TO CYTHERA (Theo Angelopoulos, 1984)
The latest film from the great maverick of Greek cinema is both an affirmation of his tremendous talent and a marked development in his career. Still passionately concerned with the socio-political h… Read more

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