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Films Screened In 1985

Journey With Father (Vilgot Sjöman, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Keep Moving (Roheesia Hamilton-Metcalfe, 1984)
In a succession of still photographs and live footage images, two characters walk, run and gaze across an industrial-looking suburban street-end, over which trains pass constantly. ... Read more

Kitchen Sync (Maree Woolley, 1984)
A mixed media animation dedicated to the dance of life. ... Read more

La Soufriere (Werner Herzog, 1977)
In August 1976, Werner Herzog travelled with his film team to the French island Guadeloupe, where volcano La Soufriere was about to explode with the power of six atomic bombs... ... Read more

Lily (Julie Money, 1984)
Lily, a young Chinese Malay student studying in Australia encounters deep-rooted and often well-disguised racial intolerance. ... Read more

LOUISE, THE REBEL (Charlotte Silvera, 1984)
Louise is a teenager. Her parents are Tunisian Jews and settled in France shortly after Tunisia achieved its independence. The family lives in a suburb of Paris and although they're not exactly poor … Read more

Love Stories (Robert Randall, Frank Bendinelli, 1984)
Love Stories presents representations of love and sex. ... Read more

Lucy (Verena Rudolph, 1984)
Lucy, my mother's sister, emigrated from a little Bavarian village to the United States in 1934. From that date she did not give any more news of herself. Fifty years later I went to New York (with a… Read more

Making A Splash (Peter Greenaway, 1984)
Currently involved in filming the long awaited follow-up to The Draughtsman's Contract, Greenaway has been filling more commissions than he could handle. After the Channel Four series 4 American Comp… Read more

Mamasuncion (Chano Pineiro, 1984)
A beautiful and passionate story from Galicia, the poorest region of rural Spain, from which most of the able men have emigrated in waves many years ago. The story of a woman who waits forty years fo… Read more

Man Versus Man (Shashi Anand, 1982)
Man-pulled rickshaws in Calcutta face extinction due to legislation introduced by the State Government in 1981. The film analyses the situation and investigates the consequences of such a step. ... Read more

MAN WITH A SUITCASE (Chantal Akerman, 1983)
Akerman's Man With a Suitcase, starring herself, is an unexpected mixture of Chaplinesque comedy and poignant self-mockery. ... Returning home to write a film script and desperately needing the freed… Read more

MEMORIES OF PRISON (Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 1984)
Directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos, the founding figure of South American 'cinema novo', Memories of Prison has been hailed as the greatest Brazilian film of recent years. And like his early class… Read more

Minimalet-Minimalot (Jordi Torras, 1983)
A performance art piece that deals with confrontation and dance, as well as dance as a confronting experience. ... Read more

MISSISSIPPI BLUES (Bertrand Tavernier, Robert Parrish, 1984)
A musical portrait of the American South as seen by outsiders, and filmed in the town of Oxford, Mississippi in 1982. The standard documentary approach is jettisoned in favour of a film 'diary which … Read more

N.Y., N.Y. (Raymond Depardon, 1984)
Raymond Depardon is in some ways the Don McMullin of French photography having covered assignments in South East Asia and most other trouble spots in the world at one point or another. What is howeve… Read more

NOSTALGHIA (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1983)
Gorciakov, a young Russian professor, journeys to Italy to retrace the career of 18th century composer Pavel Sinovsky. Exploring Italy's museum culture, Gorciakov begins to suffer 'nostalghia' and th… Read more

On a Revolution (Omar Amiralay, )
Starting out with official statements and manifestations of the Yemenitic Revolution, the film then moves on to the task of the people who have gained a better life, with images evoking the memories … Read more

ON THE RUN (Karin Viesel, Michael McLernon, 1985)
Set on the remote east coast of New Zealand, this visually stunning film charts 36 hours in the life of a group of Maori shearers. They are seasonal workers whose average quota is 300 sheep per worke… Read more

On The Wall (Mario Mitrotti, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

One Hundred Years (Max Andersson, 1984)
When babies come from test tubes, when rats march around and sink in blood, when babies are forced to their mothers' breasts at gun point, when the Statue of Liberty is replaced by a missile poised f… Read more

Orchestra (Peter Cherry, )
Illustrates the long hours, hard work and financial difficulties fought by musicians in their struggle to achieve their goal of bringing their music to the world. ... Read more

ORINOKO, NEW WORLD (Diego Risquez, 1984)
There are many aspects that make Orinoko, New World something rather special. First it was shot on Super 8 and blown up to 35mm with astonishing visual, textural results. Of its $US100,000 budget, $3… Read more

Paradise (Ishu Patel, 1984)
Colour, lush and ripe, swells the screen. The hum and trill of summer shimmer in the air. This is paradise, brimming with birdsong and blossom. Innovative mixed-media techniques consorted with the hu… Read more

Phoenix Bird (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1984)
In Carlsen's "documentaries" reality is staged: real people play "themselves" to give an impression of how they perceive themselves. In this case we meet James R. Jarrett, a returned warrior who brin… Read more

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