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Films Screened In 1990

Picture Start (Jeremy Parker, 1989)
This inventively conceived and executed movie outlines the various figures and symbols which pertain to, and emanate from, a particularly cinematic sort of "leader". The amusing battle against all od… Read more

Plead Guilty, Get A Bond (Peter Maguire, 1990)
A story of legal folly and misguided white paternalism as it affects Amy, a young Aboriginal woman from a mission in central Queensland who appears on a minor charge at a remote bush court. ... The d… Read more

Precious (Bill Mousoulis, 1990)
A filmmaker struggles to live. She makes films. She makes love. Co-written and acted by Anna Kotanidis. ... Read more

To many film lovers, it is both a source of mystery and disgust that Preston Sturges is not currently recognised by the general public as 'the' great Hollywood comedy director. ... During a four-year… Read more

Queimada (Ralf Hertwig, Markus Wernig, 1990)
This film deals with the most disastrous environmental problem ever caused by man - the destruction of the tropical rain forest. Queimada transposes this topic in an abstract and symbolic way. There … Read more

Raymond's Mission (Nick Donkin, 1989)
In this delightful clay animation, Raymond is selected by the Intergalactic Peace Council to journey to Earth and seek out the leaders of the people. He arrives in New York City, the date is 1958. Be… Read more

REMEMBER THE NIGHT (Mitchell Leisen, 1940)
As a bonus adjunct to our Festival highlight, Preston Sturges: Tlie Rise And Fall Of An American Dreamer, we are delighted to be screening a brand new 35mm print of the last film to be scripted by St… Read more

RETURN HOME (Ray Argall, 1989)
NOEL, IN HIS LATE-THIRTIES, is a ... successful insurance broker in Melbourne ... who returns to the Adelaide suburbs of his ... childhood one summer; to stay with his brother, Steve, his wife Judy a… Read more

REUNION (Jerry Schatzberg, 1989)
REUNION could be seen by many as a ... familiar subject, but it contains new ... insights into the genesis of a tragedy for ... Germany and the world. ... Harold Pinter has fashioned an intelligent .… Read more

Rife on Earth (Clare Callinan, 1989)
Rife On Earth is about animals, the environment, aggression and the struggle for power and money. A powerful animation set to the memorable soundtrack "We Care A Lot". ... Read more

ROADKILL (Bruce McDonald, 1989)
“THE CLASSIC NOTION of a road ... movie," says debut director Bruce ... McDonald, "usually has someone going ... on the mad for the slimmest of reasons, meeting a variety of characters and then hav… Read more

Seasick on Dry Land (Ilana Shulman, 1989)
A strange, impressionistic speculation upon survivng the Holocaust and just existing in New York today. Told mostly via a woman's voice over, the past and present merge in a tapestry of haunting soun… Read more

SECRET WEDDING (Alejandro Agresti, 1989)
SECRET WEDDING, which won the Golden Calf Prize at last year's Dutch Film Awards, confirms Agresti as one of the emerging talents of Argentinian cinema. Based in Holland, but returning to Argentina t… Read more

SENSO DAUGHTERS (Noriko Sekiguchi, 1990)
Senso Daughters begins as an account of Japan's "forgotten", or Great Asian War and slowly evolves towards its real theme - the hidden history of women in war. Faced with official secrecy and denial,… Read more

SIDEWALK STORIES (Charles Lane, 1989)
ONE OF THE REAL SURPRISES of last ... year's Cannes Film Festival was Charles ... Lane's Sidewalk Stories, a silent, low- ... budget black and white film which evokes the ... great silent comedy trad… Read more

SILENT SCREAM (David Hayman, 1989)
BRITISH FILMS based on literary texts and prison-bound dramas are familiar items ... on the filmgoer's agenda. Yet Silent ... Scream, a British film based around the true life and writings of Larry W… Read more

Sinistre (Nikola Caro, 1989)
A high contrast black and white short comedy from New Zealand about a strange family in which the term Sinistre takes on its ancient meaning: "to be middle aged and left-handed". Mrs Stubbs has no ri… Read more

Sloppy Worker (Enrique Colina, 1988)
Enrique Colina specialises in short satirical documentaries with a wicked sense of humour. Here, he examines the poor quality of Cuban products and services - even the film labs it seems!- (TB) ... Read more

Small Blue Thing (Mark La Rosa, 1990)
Thoughts and feelings of a girl as she prepares for her sixteenth birthday party. ... Read more

Sparks (Robert Klenner, 1989)
Chaos, insomnia, labels, medication, institutionalisation and everyone washing their own cups are only some of the themes which figure in this very different view of group living. ... Sparks takes an… Read more

Start From Scratch (Zinoviy (Zorro) Gamarnick, 1989)
As the title suggests, an animated scratch film. A moving, jiving and jumping series of scratched images set to pop music. ... Read more

Stille Nacht (Brothers Quay, 1989)
The mysterious Brothers Quay turn their hand to advertising. Not suprismgty, the result is far from your average (M)TV spot.- (TB) ... Read more

Stop Sobbing, Hermann (Margret Run, 1989)
"Germans have many problems. One of them is that they don't like German films and my film is considered German", writes Icelandic director Margret Run. ... Hermann has a problem, he is extremely shy … Read more

Storm in a Teacup (Stuart McDonald, 1989)
Frieda seems to have a spark in her eye as she heads off to the local swimming pool. She meets with friend Cecil, but their pleasure is interrupted by some snoops from the croquet club (to which Cec … Read more

SUNLESS DAYS (Shu Kei, 1989)
When director Shu Kei was invited to contribute an episode to a weekly television documentary series for Japan's NHK Television, he proposed a documentary on Hou Dejian, the singer/song-writer who de… Read more

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