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Films Screened In 1990

Butoh and the Japanese (Greg Miller, Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1990)
This short version about Japanese Butoh dancers has been prepared to assist with raising support and finance for a feature length production. Butoh is sometimes called the 'dance of darkness', and th… Read more

Cause and Effect (Susan Delson, 1989)
A witty and incisive non-narrative exercise that suggests the links, both obvious and unexpected, between actions and events in people's lives and seemingly disparate tales and images.- (TB) ... Read more

Celia (, 1989)
An interview with the Australian director of Celia about her film, on the eve of its British release. (Of particular interest due to the film's poor reception in Australia which has resulted in it pa… Read more

Chartered Streets (Jeremy Wooding, 1988)
"I write in South Molton Street what I both see and hear. In regions of humanity, in London's opening streets", - Jerusalem by William Blake, poet, painter and visionary. ... Wooding reinterprets Bla… Read more

Chet's Romance (Betrand Fevre, 1988)
Chet Baker sings I'm A Fool To Want You. "When Chet sings, he hypnotises people. They react in a particular way, a tender way. In order to film this, I moved in very slowly - four metres in two minut… Read more

COMMON THREADS: STORIES FROM THE QUILT (Robert Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, 1989)
Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt is impressive as a singularly moving and sympathetic account of people whose lives have been profoundly altered, or cut short, by AIDS. ... The 75 minute docume… Read more

COMRADES IN ARMS (Stuart Marshall, 1989)
Men and women offer us an unknown view of World War II. The quality of the 'head shots' approaches the vivacity of Rosie the Riveter. Using in addition archival footage and enacted segments, we are p… Read more

Contemplation of the Cross (Michael Lee, 1989)
This multi-panelled moving fresco provides the opportunity to contemplate the Crucifixion of Christ from various perspectives. For example, in the fourth of seven major sequences, which comprise the … Read more

CRY-BABY (John Waters, 1990)
John Waters' latest celebration of pop cultural timespin hurls us joyously back into mid-fifties small-town Americana. Baltimore, 1954, to be precise. America is in the process of discovering rock'n'… Read more

CURRENT EVENTS (Ralph Arlyck, 1989)
This is an expressive, reflective film that strings together seemingly dislocated stories and events in a provocative, and personalised treatment of the media and its impact on human rights. Arlyck c… Read more

D (Michael Dwass, 1990)
'D' consists of a sequence of still photographs and drawings that have been rotsocoped. The photographs are from a trip across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn on the D train. ... Read more

Jeremy Irons, who stars in Danny The Champion Of The World, describes it as "that rare film I think parents will enjoy as much as children". Irons works in this film for the first time with his son (… Read more

Darkness, Light, Darkness (Jan Svankmajer, 1989)
The latest offering from the great Czech animator proves that the original is always the best. ... "With this body, senses and existence, a being fills an empty room, but this existence is unsteady a… Read more

Defence Councel Sedov (Yevgeny Tsymbal, 1988)
Late one evening in Moscow in 1937, Defence Councel Sedov hears a knock at the door. Three women whose agronomist husbands have been sentenced to death for alleged sabotage beg him to take on the see… Read more

Drug Ads (, 1989)
On the launch of a new government antidrug campaign, The Media Show asks if it is possible to raise the issue without ending up "advertising" drugs. ... Read more

E.G. (Virginia Hilyard, 1990)
"As the storm passes, the camera descends and moves over textured landscapes, the potential of which we can only guess. A complete understanding of the terrestrial forms is denied, yet the intimate e… Read more

Earthbound (Jeff Jaffers, 1990)
After months of waiting, and with his escape window now verified, Eric Slate is leaving this earth for his homeland, his data collecting mission here complete. Yet to achieve this goal, Eric needs th… Read more

Eden (Maryella Hatfield, 1990)
The mythical abode of bliss and pleasure, or the scene of massive destruction of the landscape for the purposes of the export woodchip industry? ... The film takes us into the primordial beauty of th… Read more

Elefanti (Jeremiah J. Hayes, 1989)
During the Second World War Canadians of Italian extraction were interned as "aliens" in their own land. Elefanti, through the use of archival material and interviews, examines the effects of this in… Read more

Emmy (Rudd Schuitemaker, 1989)
This is a child's eye view of death. Emmy's Grandmother dies and we watch her deal with it. Emmy does not seem sad, she is as interested in her grandmother in death as she was when she was alive. ...… Read more

END OF OLD TIMES (Jiri Menzel, 1989)
WITH HIS LATEST FILM, Jiri Menzel takes us to a time not so long ago but worlds away, to a beautifully appointed country estate in Southern Bohemia after the First World War. ... The End Of Old Times… Read more

Feet of Song (Erica Russell, 1988)
African beats propel a vibrant animation of expressive dance.- (LS) ... Read more

Feral Television (Damien Ledwich, 1990)
In this animation televisions are wild and noble creatures living an idyllic lifestyle in their natural mountain habitat. They graze freely, entertaining each other until they are rounded up and herd… Read more

Filminuto #16 and #18 (Juan Padron, 1989)
The Filminuto series are designed to screen before a feature in Cuban cinemas (often with local newsreels). ... Each Filminuto is a collection of brief cartoon-strip-like comic animations of no more … Read more

Flames of Passion (Richard Kwientniowski, 1989)
A commuter steals an intriguing photo-strip on a station platform, then comes face to face with the young doctor it depicts. ... This pocket-sized re-working restores the melodramatic tradition of ye… Read more

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