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Films Screened In 1992

Because It Feels Good (Julie Cunningham, 1992)
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BLACK HARVEST (Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly, 1992)
... ... Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly's earlier films First Contact and Joe Leahy's Neigh­bours brought the world the first concerted post-colonial analysis of Australia's dismal record in the … Read more

BLACK MAN'S HOUSES (Steve Thomas, 1992)
... ... Avoiding didacticism, this film raises some f of the most current concerns facing the i resurgence of Aboriginal culture in Australia today. Underpinning the film, which has its world premier… Read more

BLACK REPUBLIC (Park Kwang-Su, 1990)
... ... A man comes to a dying coal-mining town looking for work. He calls himself 'Kim' — Korea's most common surname. He soon finds that the town is not as placid as it seems: strained labour… Read more

BLAST ‘EM (Joseph Blasioli, Egidiio Coccimiglio, 1992)
... ... Paparazzo-photographer Victor Malafronte's philosophy is simple: "I don't have any sympathy for a guy who's making $20-30 mil­lion a year." Chasing Madonna, ambushing Michael J. Fox, scre… Read more

BOILING POINT (Takeshi Kitano, 1990)
... ... In Japan, Takeshi Kitano currently advertises a product called 'Jolt Cola'. Aside from his endorsement, the selling point is that it boasts twice the caffeine of regular colas. For once, star… Read more

Bolt (Lennart Gustafsson, 1989)
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Bolt - Cats Aren't All That Bad... (Lennart Gustafsson, )
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Bossanova Blues (Kieran J Walsh, 1991)
This film depicts the lifestyle of three Irish youths living m England It is a lifestyle com­mon to many young Insh people hvmg in Eng­land today The story was influenced by the cases of the … Read more

Breath of Life (Navin Thapar, 1992)
Against the continuing backdrop of imprison-nent and ill-treatment of political prisoners hroughout the Middle East, Breath of Life iepicts the emotional bond forged between six prisoners of conscien… Read more

BREATHING UNDER WATER (Susan Murphy Dermody, 1991)
Why on earth has humankind set the stage for its own extinction? Why bring a child into a world threatened by the horror of nuclear war and massive environmental destruction? These are the answers so… Read more

BROTHER'S KEEPER (Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

Bulgare (Fritz Feick, 1991)
Set to the haunting strains of Schuberf's "Quin­tette A Cordes En Ut Majeur", Feick's acclaimed him takes us on a startling cinematic odyssey through New York City at night as a young boy strays … Read more

Calcium and Life (Meng Chuanhui, 1992)
The silvery-white metal calcium plays an important part in human health. It provides the structural material for teeth and the 206 bones in our bodies and also regulates many physiological and neurol… Read more

Cat's Cradle (Liz Hughes, 1991)
Dad, clad only m his underclothes, lies stiffen­ing on the Kitchen table Once dressed, he begins his last journey to join us, the mesmeRIzed audience, m the dark flicker of the cin­ema A glit… Read more

CHANG (Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1927)
... ... In 1927, the explorer-filrrunaker team Schoed­sack and Cooper travelled to the Siamese rain forest to shoot this adventure extravagan­za. An obvious prototype for their 1933 epic King… Read more

... ... During the McCarthy era, Dr Evelyn Hook­er took on the moral majority and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to prove, through a pioneer clinical study, homo­sexuality was nei… Read more

Chuck (Bruce Currie, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

CITY OF HOPE (John Sayles, 1990)
The camera rarely stops moving in City Of Hope, an unflinching study of the urban dynamics of a contemporary American work­ing class community on the verge of economic breakdown. Drawing from his… Read more

Clive Barker: The Art of Horror (Chris Holland, 1992)
Are fantasy writers seriously weird people? Clive Barker, the English writer, illustrator and filmmaker is, and if you are not an avid fan of Barker's miscreations, you will still find him seriously … Read more

CLOUD HEAVEN (Nikolai Dostal, 1991)
... ... There are no food queues in Cloud Heaven; no demonstrations against a tyrannical despot, nor even the slightest hint of a 'people-power' coup. The Russia of Cloud Heaven is far more mundane a… Read more

... ... Provocative, engaging and scrupulously researched, Color Adjustment: Blacks In Prime Time is a film that examines the relation­ship between prime-time television and Ameri­ca's racial… Read more

Cowboys (Phil Mulloy, 1992)
Utilizing the cowboy-western genre as a theme from which to draw his disturbing images, Phil Mulloy has created a highly entertaining collection of rough and gritty animation shorts, painterly and ex… Read more

Crash of the Titans (Richard Smith, 1991)
Africa is the continent that saw the birth of humanity. It has also been ruled in equal measure by an animal of gargantuan proportions. An animal that is now losing the battle to live in the very lan… Read more

CYBERPUNK (Marianne Trench, 1990)
In '82 William Gibson published the first ground-breaking series of what he assumed were science-fiction novels (Neuromancer). Since then 90 percent of his'fictional' concepts have come true. Virtual… Read more

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