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Films Screened In 1996

I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR (Edmund Coulthard, Nan Goldin, 1995)
Nan Goldin's emotionally involving auto­biographical documentary is about Paradise Lost. From the Boston drag scene of the 70s, to New York's gay heaven, this fascinating American photographer ha… Read more

Ill (J.J. Keith, 1996)
Controversial even before it was shot. Ill is a much-talked about new short from England. When the lead actor quit the project at the eleventh hour the tabloid press seized on the film as immoral. II… Read more

... ... At last, a Chinese feature that gets to grips with everyday contemporary life. Gone is the stylised historical drama of older directors like Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou. Like Sons (also showin… Read more

INDIAN SUMMER (Sasa Gedeon, 1995)
... ... The creative vision of directors like Sasa Gedeon ensures a sound future for Czech film With Indian Summer he tackles the perils of puberty and the initiation of an innocent 15-year-old girl.… Read more

Interview With Tallulah, Queen of the Universe (Cynthia Wells, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

Island Race (William Raban, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

IT'S NOW OR NEVER (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1996)
... ... The story of Jimmy, a middle-aged Irish bachelor, who decides the time has come to find a wife. He contacts the local matchmaker to find him a suitable woman. What kind of woman is he looking… Read more

... ... Jesus in Russia: An American Holy War takes viewers inside the crusades of two extremely colourful American evangelists as they preal pray and heal their way across a troubled land! In the wa… Read more

Josephine Baker (, )
Extracts from Zouzou and PrincessTam Tarn "...Josephine entered the stage, a revelation of new world. Eroticism found a style. The expression of desire, its call, its wild ardor" ... • Paul Acha… Read more

JUNIOR BONNER (Sam Peckinpah, 1972)
... ... Essentially a cannily observed mood piece this film concerns the situation of J.R Bonner (the hugely underrated Steve McQueen) a middle-aging champion bull rider down on his luck and returnin… Read more

KAMIKAZE TAXI (Masato Harada, 1994)
... ... Tatsuo is a cocky chimpira (apprentice gangster) whose yakuza bosses are grooming as a pimp to the rich and famous. But when screws up big time on one of his first important jobs, Tatsuo is f… Read more

KANSAS CITY (Robert Altman, 1996)
... ... In his new film Robert Altman introduces his old home town and trademark touches including the complex inter-relationship between different lives (and plot lines) and his masterly ear for mus… Read more

Kinetic H2O (Tony Woods, 1996)
A painterly representation of mediated water seen through a full prismatic gauze of colour and bifocular distortion. The strobing and oscillation of ripples in a dark unnatural world are as ephemeral… Read more

Kok (Regine Chopinot, 1988)
With Marie Atger, Lee Black. Regine Chopinot, Poonie Dodson. Jean Hughes Laleu. Joseph Lennon ... Read more

La Lampe (Joëlle Bouvier, Régis Obadia, 1991)
"The light fixes her body, searches through her nakedness. In a second, an opening is made for her to slip into dreams..." Joelle Bouvier and Regis Obadia transform a grungy disused public space with… Read more

La Mort du Cygne (, 1925)
Anna Pavlova performs La Mort du Cygne. ... Read more

Lalala Human Steps - Sex Duo No.1 (Bernar Herbert, 1987)
A pristine, monochrome subterranean dance fantasy. Two members of the Montreal troupe Lalala Human Steps perform a tough, jumpy, tender pas de deux in a dream-like setting. ... (Winner, Best Experime… Read more

Larm/Noise (Trine Vester, 1995)
More than sixty years after the passing of silent films there are theorists who continue to question the relevance of sound to an essentially visual experience. ... Trine Vester s application of ambi… Read more

L’Attraction (Nubar Ghazarian, Nigel Deans, 1995)
Elusive images, sometimes familiar, often obscure, swim upon the screen and resolve into a striking and unique record of last year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. (TH) ... Read more

Le Cygne (Dominique Delouche, 1983)
With Yvette Chauvire, Dominique Khalfouni. In Le Cygne no one speaks, transmission occurs in silence; it's less about transmitting a role or shape, than an intensity, the naked intensity of the swan … Read more

Le Jeune Homme et la Mort (Roland Petit, 1973)
"There was a side to Nureyev that was bestial' frenetic, like a centaur or Rasputin, even though he controlled every step. He was extraordinarily handsome, with a remarkably photogenic face the evide… Read more

Le Lys (, 1934)
A serpentine dance interpreted by one of Loie Fuller's disciples This short film was part of the series La Fee'rie des Ballets Fantastiaues. The decision to film outside the studio, in natural light,… Read more

Le P'tit Bal (Philipe Decoulflé, )
'I dream of Melies, of things phantas-magorical. All those elements that cruelly lack from present shows. A theatre is a space in volume, not just a stage with ants moving across it...The dream is th… Read more

Le Sacre du Printemps (, 1970)
With Tania Bari. Christine Brabant. Marie-Claire Carle, Louba Dobrievitch Jaleh Kerendi. Germinal Casada, Florie Alexander, Paolo Bortoluzzi, Antonio Cano, Pierre Dobrievitch. ... Read more

LIFE (Lawrence Johnston, 1995)
... ... After his exceptional award-winning shorts Night Out (MIFF '90) and Eternity (MIFF '94), director Lawrence Johnston's much-anticipated debut feature, Life, is an excitingly cinematic adaptati… Read more

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