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Films Screened In 1996

Film/Speaks/Many/Languages (Gustav Deutsch, 1996)
Film Speaks Many Languages is a reworking of 21 fragments of a feature film made in India found in Casablanca and reworked in Vienna used to (re)construct a one minute story in four parts dictated by… Read more

FISTS IN THE POCKET (Marco Bellocchio, 1965)
... ... The French Nouvelle vague inaugurated a string of 'new cinema' movements throughout the 1960s in countries including Brazil, Canada and Poland. Marco Bellochio's Fists in the Pocket exhibits … Read more

Five Guys in a Car (Joel Anderson, 1996)
This is a film about five guys in a car. The guys are headed somewhere and while they drive they talk and drink and we never really know what they are up to—until the end. This film which works… Read more

FLAMENCO (Carlos Saura, 100)
... ... A vibrant fusion of peoples, religions and cultures give the world the artform known in broad terms as Flamenco. It took Carlos Saura to create the definitive film on the subject. Flamenco ha… Read more

FLOATING LIFE (Clara Law, 1996)
... ... Culture clash and the effect of centuries of displacement are the themes at the heart of Clara Law and Eddie Fong's tenderly handled and often very funny saga of a Hong Kong Chinese family re… Read more

Forgotten Urban Sporting Heroes (Christian Passera, 1996)
In the hurly burly of large towns the citydweller often has to subiect themself to enormous effort frequently repetitious that can be likened to the physical demands of professional sport. ... Throug… Read more

Four Minute Festival (Adam Blaiklock, 1996)
The ebbs and flows the excitement the interest the emotion the films the guests the effort its a film festival and all in four minutes. (TH) ... Read more

Four Solo by Mary Wigman (, 1929)
Synopsis not available Read more

Fridge (Peter Mullan, 1995)
A backcourt in Glasgow. A prank goes wrong and a boy is trapped in a discarded fridge. In the hours that follow the responsibility. For his life falls into the hands of Alice and Rudy who are homeles… Read more

The director of the provocative Rock Hudson's Home Movies (1992), Mark Rappaport, takes n equally idiosyncratic and unconventional approach to a biographical documentary charting the career of the su… Read more

GABBEH (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1996)
... ... A ... ... ... According to many observers (your humble servant and Werner Herzog amongst them), cinema is alive and well in two countries: China and Iran. Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Gabbeh is incont… Read more

Getting Ready (Thom Osborn, 1995)
This is a remarkable debut film from London filmmaker. Thom Osborn in that it has been over thirty years in the making' Osborn shot the original black and white scenes of concert pianist. Frangcon Da… Read more

God in the Machine (Michael Kitson, 1996)
Melbournes Vaihalla Cinemas 24 hour Science Fiction Movie Marathons run to capacity crowds, fans armed with water pistols and sleeping bags. Upstairs in the booth the projectionists battle to keep th… Read more

Grandfather Cheno... and Other Stories (Juan Carlos Rulfo, 1995)
"We live off memories don't we?... And to remember is to live " states an elderly Mexican gentleman his leathery face telling as much a story as his words. The murder in 1923 of Juan Nepomuceno Perez… Read more

Grateful Dead - A Photofilm (Paul McCartney, 1995)
Working from just four rolls of black and white photographs of The Grateful Dead taken by Linda Eastman in 1967/68 (pre motor drive cameras) Paul McCartney brings the Dead back to life with computer … Read more

HALVING THE BONES (Ruth Ozeki Lounsbury, 1995)
... ... At the turn of the century a Japanese girl was encouraged by her father to fulfil Japan's destiny of spreading around the world. She accepted an arranged marriage with a pioneer photographer … Read more

Happy Little Vegemites - Unauthorised (Colin Mowbray, 1995)
A tough and gritty film about friendship and homelessness, the characters and situations have a warmth humour and roundness to them without the least bit of saccarine. Shot in 16 mm black and white V… Read more

... ... No exemplary sports biopic peppered with personal problems and topped with sweet victory, Hard Fast & Beautiful signally refuses to equate life with 'the game'-in this case, tennis. Phenom Fl… Read more

... ... When Heidi Fleiss was arrested in 1993 Hollywood was- terrified that she would reveal a list of star clients and set the town ablaze with gossip and scandal British documentary director par e… Read more

Hello, Hello, Hello (David Thewlis, 1995)
When copper Alf (Robert Pugh from Naked) catches artist Jo (Kathy Burke from Ab Fab) rifling through the contents of a skip late one night poetry, politics and art history head up the list of charges… Read more

Heretic (, 1929)
Synopsis not available Read more

Homing (Mike Stubbs, 1995)
Capturing the small moments that make up life for a family living on a housing estate and raising homing pigeons this deceptively simple reverie on the nature of heart and home reverberates with desi… Read more

House/Kappa/House (Abraham Ravett, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

Hungry for Love (Orazio Massaro, 1996)
An odd, striking erotic exploration of love and sexual obsession. A free-spirited Italian artist and a French-Arab hairdresser meet and fall in love one afternoon. They go from the euphoric heights o… Read more

I SHOT ANDY WARHOL (Mary Harron, 1996)
... ... A riveting portrait of Valerie Solanas, the woman who shot Andy Warhol. A radical lesbian and destitute writer. Solanas gained access to Warhol's bizarre world hoping that he would produce he… Read more

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