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Films Screened In 2013

Wolf the Demon and the Moon, The (Leanne Lee, 2013)
A mythical tale of a wolf protecting her cubs against dark forces in the night, revealing the answer to an age-old question. ... D/P/S Leanne Lee L no dialogue TD HD Cam/2013 ... Read more

Woody (Stuart Bowen, 2013)
Woody dreams of being a concert pianist. Unfortunately, he has no fingers. But his dreams are about to get out of hand in this stop motion animation. ... D/S Stuart Bowen P Jodi Matterson L no dialog… Read more

WORKERS (José Luis Valle, 2013)
"A beautifully crafted, narratively constrained piece of Mexican minimalism." - Hollywood Reporter ... The divergent realities of Mexico's employed poor inform the darkly amusing and distinctively sh… Read more

WORLD NOT OURS, A (Mahdi Fleifel, 2012)
"Mahdi Fleifel's passionate, ironic, bittersweet A World Not Ours … flips storytelling and Mideast-Arab cliches on their heads, while weaving an irresistible mood of amused melancholy." –… Read more

Many will ask why Anders Breivik went on his killing spree. Many still ask why they didn't die. ... Acclaimed Dutch documentarian John Appel had the germ of an idea: to make a film about coincidence … Read more

You Know What I Love You (Natalie Cunningham, 2012)
A charming portrait of the filmmaker's 94-year-old Greek grandmother, combining flashes of gentle humour with poignant moments of sadness. ... D/P/S Natalie Cunningham L Greek w/English subtitles WS … Read more

You Like It I Love It (James Vaughan, 2012)
Two brothers killing time in a series of ambiguous vignettes that create a mood both playful and unnerving, taking us through the looking glass of middle-class Australia. ... D/S James Vaughan P Oliv… Read more

YOU RE NEXT (Adam Wingard, 2011)
"The best American horror picture of the year, period." – Twitch ... Aubrey and Paul are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, and their four grown-up children have returned home wit… Read more

Zoo, The (Sophie Hayward, 2012)
A surreal and absurdist black comedy set during a dinner party where the line between civilisation and pack animal behaviour disappears altogether. ... World Premiere. ... D/S Sophie Hayward P Ruth M… Read more

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