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Films Screened In 2013

A collection of the finest and most acclaimed short films from around the globe. ... Read more
Best Short Animation winner at Sundance, Tony Donoghue's (A Film From My Parish: 6 Farms, MIFF 2009) Irish Folk Furniture is an enchanting, visually delightful look at the culture and social history of discarded Irish farmhouse furniture restoration. ... D/S Tony Donoghue P Cathal Black WS Mayfly ... Read more
"An affecting study of female adolescence and unrequited longing ... one of the most involving and sensually lush debuts in recent memory." – Cinema Scope ... Summer in Brooklyn and wide-eyed 14-year-old Lila is a mess of awkwardness, naivety and hormones. Inspired by the exploits of her ... Read more
A bold allegory on The Last Supper, Zimbabwean-born multimedia artist Kudzanai Chiurai's Iyeza is an absorbing, powerful piece of cinematic painting exploring the violence at the heart of what Chiurai calls "the African condition". ... D/P/S Kudzanai Chiurai WS Goodman Gallery L Xhosa w/English ... Read more
"Visually stunning, vividly emotional." - Variety ... From award-winning director Reha Erdem (Kosmos, MIFF 2010; Times and Winds, MIFF 2007) comes Jîn, the story of a young Kurdish rebel who breaks away to find life and solace in the wilderness. ... By moonlight, 17-year-old Jîn ... Read more
"The Blackfoot believed that dreams foretold the future. We think that dreams shed a little light on the past." ... Benicio Del Toro stars alongside Mathieu Amalric in this intriguing and subtle drama about an unconventional psychoanalyst and the broken veteran he hopes to heal. James Picard is a ... Read more
"Joyously heterodox in its method, an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mélange of sci-fi, black comedy, and action, with disquieting body-horror sight gags that at times recall David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch." – Slate ... Slacker Dave heads to a restaurant to tell his impossible ... Read more
Kim Ho-dong has been on the jury for more than 40 film festivals, giving him a unique insight into the process that he hilariously skewers in this satirical, self-aware look at film festivals and the awards judging process. ... D Kim Dong-ho P Hong Hyo-dook S Zhang Lu, Yoon Seong-ho WS Indiestory L ... Read more
A young boy skipping school hides under a bridge. A teenage girl in tears waits by a bus stop. Both are picked up by a woman who drives to a supermarket that becomes the setting for a nail-biting thriller that skillfully builds suspense and urgency by slowly revealing what stakes are in place. ... Read more
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo Film Festival. ... When 16-year-old Ji-gu gets out of juvenile detention, he's shocked to discover that Hyo-seung, the mother he long thought dead, is alive. Taken to live with her in her cramped, shared apartment, Ji-gu discovers that when the world ... Read more
Through a stunning blend of animation, experimentation and documentary, Deco Dawson presents this wonderfully innovative and suitably surrealist tribute to Jean Benoît, the final living member of the French Surrealist group. Winner of the Best Short Film at the 2012 Toronto International ... Read more
Kilpisjärvellä presents the Northern Lights as they are experienced by someone watching them from the ground. ... The film follows two cameramen working to record the lights on video as they walk through the tundra, looking for the best spot to capture them. We experience the simple ... Read more
"A film about radio is a little unnatural: how can you film radio without shattering its mystery?" - Director Nicolas Philibert ... One of the strengths of radio is surely how our reception of it, immune from the influence of vision, is at once in sharper focus but more open to imagination and ... Read more
"One of the very first manifestations of nouvelle vague ... a remarkably assured, gutsy and conceptually ostentatious piece of filmmaking." – Time Out London ... In 1954, an unknown young woman named Agnès Varda released a film called La Pointe Courte, a strange, intoxicating ... Read more
"Chris Marker, James Bond, film noir, B-movies, sci-fi. [We] like to see the film as being influenced by all of them, but also as if we started from zero." – filmmakers João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata ... For the first time, two of Portugal's most eclectic ... Read more
A troubled young man at a mental health institution gets a quiet new roommate. The pair become close friends, bonded over a mutual threat that may or may not be real. ... D/S Nicholas Verso P John Molloy WS Mushroom Pictures TD DCP/2013 ... Read more
"What distinguishes the film most … is its wit, both verbal and visual, so that it is simultaneously illuminating and funny." – Time Out London ... It's May 1962, and with the end of the Algerian war, France is at peace for the first time in seven years. Filmmaker Chris Marker ... Read more
"If Larry Clark went to Corsica and made a film, it might look an awful lot like Apaches ... a sexy adolescent thriller that masks much darker themes than its sunburnt style might suggest." - Variety ... On tourist-infested Corsica, a ragtag group of Arab and Moroccan teens seethe against their ... Read more
Takashi Miike – Japan's undisputed master of mayhem – makes his triumphant return to the blood-strewn savagery that made his name. ... In an unassuming Japanese high school, young, good-looking Mr Hasumi is everything a teacher should be: popular with staff and students; kind ... Read more
"Truly spectacular, an optic-aural overload." - Cinema Scope ... An awe-inspiring, immersive film that puts audiences onboard the monster alluded to in the film's title - a commercial fishing vessel - as well as in the oceans surrounding and sometimes near-overwhelming it, Leviathan captures the ... Read more
"A piercing, tender poem about the bittersweet ebb and flow of paternal love." - The Telegraph ... Ryota is a successful Tokyo architect who works long hours to provide for his wife, Midori, and six-year-old son, Keita. But when a blood test reveals Keita and another baby were switched at birth ... Read more
People come to the fair ground for all types of fun, but the bad-luck spreading, melancholic fish-headed man puts an end to that. ... D Osman Cerfon P Franck Ekinci, Camille Serceau S Osman Cerfon, Camille Jourdy L no dialogue TD DCP/2012 ... Read more
"The lurid celebrity and sordid aftermath of the brief career of the world's first porn star is vividly, if not explicitly, etched in Lovelace." - Hollywood Reporter ... Raised in a strict religious family, Linda Boreman thought she'd found freedom and the good life when she married the charismatic ... Read more
"Eventually there has to be one person who is the first ever to leave the planet Earth with no intention of ever returning. I realised there was no reason I shouldn't be that person." - Christopher Carson ... Simon Ennis had plans to make a documentary about the moon. Then he heard about Dennis ... Read more
The true story of Melbourne's most iconic street, as told by the men and women who made it. ... After the disaster of World War II, a wave of Italian immigrants found their way to Melbourne – a strange place, suspicious of outsiders and completely devoid of a good cup of espresso ... Read more
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