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PATHER PANCHALI (Satyajit Ray, 1955)
The 1956 Cannes Festival was remarkably rich in entries from famous directors. ^ Yet-in warmth, humanity and poetic sensitivity none could measure up to the first work of an outstanding film-maker - … Read more

Power by Road (Jim Sterling, 1955)
The strengthening of bridges, control of traffic and the use of a special vehicle were required to transport large electrical transformers from Melbourne to Yallourn. ... Read more

Rowlandson's England (, 1955)
Rowlandson's robust good-humour, his shrewd observation and his moments of brutally accurate caricature are all expressed in the illustrations that make up the film. Its concern however, is not with … Read more

Shearing Time at Billabong (Frank Land, 1955)
Glimpses of Australia's wide open spaces where the outback stations depend on water from the billabong. ... Read more

Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (Ken Fairbairn, 1955)
A documentary concerning an engine caught in a snowdrift and its release after a five-day battle by the rescue squad. ... Read more

Stonehenge (C. W. Bending, 1955)
The age, the significance of location, the construction and possible use of Stonehenge are discussed in this film. Animated diagrams are used to indicate how the stones were brought to the site and e… Read more

SVEN DUFVA (Edvin Laine, 1955)
Sven Dufva is a historical epic from the Finno-Russian War 1808-09. The story starts a few months before the war breaks out and shows us Sven, a simple, good-hearted farmer boy, who seems to be haple… Read more

Tam O'Shanter (W. J. McLean, 1955)
Tam O'Shanter is a rendering of the Robert Burns poem set against a background of drawings. ... Read more

Tant Qui'l y Aura des Betes (Jules Brassai, 1955)
Brassai has written of it: "This is not a zoo film . . . perhaps I have taken the animals and used them as dancers in a ballet; a musical ballet; perhaps closer to animated design than a documentary." Read more

The American Flamingo (Luis Osomo Barona, 1955)
A study of the American Flamingo, a species of wild life which is becoming rare, in the breeding grounds in the jungles of Yucatan. ... Read more

The Battle of Wangapore (Grasshopper Group, 1955)
Set in a particularly far-flung corner of the Empire, this fully animated and synchronised cartoon was the first one to be produced by an amateur group, ft took three years to complete and was an awa… Read more

The Bespoke Overcoat (Jack Clayton, 1955)
Prize-winner at the 1955 Venice Festival,this modern Jewish variation of Gogol's famous serio-comic story, The Cloak, is a welcome addition to that rare genre, the short story film of quality. ... Se… Read more

In The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz., Mexico's great director, Luis Bunuel, continued his investigation of psycho-sexual aberrations and false moral values — a remarkable comedie noir… Read more

THE DEVIL'S GENERAL (Helmut Keutner, 1955)
The Devil's General, made in 1955, has won several Festival awards; it unites many of West Germany's leading talents of today &ndash: the director, Helmut Kautner; the stars, Curd Jiirgens and Marian… Read more

The Face of Lincoln (Edward Freed, 1955)
Sculptor Merrell Gage, from a mass of clay, sculpts the head of Lincoln, and as time and events affect the life of the great man, the artist deepens the hollow cheeks, the lines and furrows of the cl… Read more

The First in the World (Bogolepov, 1955)
A clearcut and simple account of the first atomic power-station ever built. Good animated sequences explain the functions of various installations. One of the most fascinating shots shows two white-u… Read more

The Forerunner (John Heyer, 1955)
The tragedy of flood and drought and consequent need for bold water conservation such as the Snowy Mountain Scheme. (An excerpt of 20 mins. will be screened,). ... Read more

The Grasshopper and the Ant (Lotte Reiniger, 1955)
A silhouette film telling the fable of the grasshopper who, having idled all summer, appeals to the industrious ant for help in winter. ... Read more

The Hungry Miles (Jerome Levy, Keith Gow, 1955)
This is the second production of this newlyformed film unit. Their previous film, Pensions for Veterans, was screened last year at the Festival. The present film is a dramatic presentation of the uni… Read more

The Invader (George C. Stoney, 1955)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Jolifou Inn (Colin Low, 1955)
The changing seasons, the Quebec countryside, and the French settlers of Canada of 100 years ago seen through the paintings of Cornelius Kreighoff. ... Read more

The Magic Paintbrush (Chin Hai, 1955)
A puppet film in which a peasant lad puts his valuable gift to good use. ... Read more

The Majesty of Wood (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1955)
The unifying theme of this film is the beauty of wood. A succession of examples from Belgian churches and museums traces the sequences of styles from the hieratic Romanesque through the gradually inc… Read more

THE MOMENT OF DECISION (Frantisek Cap, 1955)
During the last war the Slovenian city of Ljubljana became a prison, and here these events happened. ... The local collaborators of the occupiers capture a severely wounded leader of the Resistance m… Read more

THE RATS (Robert Siodmak, 1955)
The Rats opens in the atmosphere of postwar Berlin. Figures emerge from their symbolic darkness to stand before us with an almost agonising actuality. Two world wars, the disintegrating effects of de… Read more

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