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Fire Dancers (N. Minchev, 1963)
A lilm on the Nestinari dancing over live coals: an age-old pagan rite, which sustained the faith of the Bulgarian people during the five centuries of Turkish rule. ... Read more

Fisherman's Day (Le Hoang Hoa, 1963)
A beautifully photographed film showing Vietnamese fisherman at work using traditional methods and ancient crafts to wrest a living from the seas. ... Read more

Fourteenth Anniversary of People's China (, 1963)
The achievements of China's reconstruction programme, affecting the capital, the countryside, factories and mar­kets. Despite three successive years of natural disasters, an improvement is seen i… Read more

Francis Bacon Paintings, 1944-1962 (David Thompson, 1963)
Francis Bacon's paintings have realised a vision of the human condiiion both in its violence and its grandeur. This film attempts not so much to interpret that vision as to approach its meaning throu… Read more

Friendly Touchdown (Italo Bernicchi, 1963)
A light-hearted report of the Wallaby Rugby team from Australia playing an international series in South Africa and seeing the country in terms of their individual interests. ... Read more

Gala Day (John Irvin, 1963)
The vitality, exhuherance and sincereity of the Dur­ham miner and his family on the annual Gala Day: a film deeply in tune with the people it is showing. ... Read more

Gandhara Art (S. M. Agha, 1963)
From the recently excavated city of Taxilla in North­western Pakistan, we are shown relics of the Hellenistic-Indigenous culture that flourished in the first century B.C. to the second century A.… Read more

GREAT ESCAPE, The (John Sturges, 1963)
"As long as there are movies, The Great Escape should always be seen ... It's impossible to tire of." – Empire ... Bringing together the biggest stars of its day – Charles Brons… Read more

Guild Workshop (Wolf Hart, 1963)
This film records the restoration of the ancient sculptured figures and spires of Freiburg Cathedral. The craftsmanship, care and energy exerted to preserve the past are vividly presented. ... Golden… Read more

Hand Puppets (Yu Che-kuang, Chang Chao-chun, 1963)
A tribute to the art of Yang Sheng of the Hand Puppet Theatre. His repertoire calls for the impersonation of a great variety of characters including wise scholars, dashing generals and forsaken damse… Read more

HANDS ON THE CITY (Francesco Rosi, 1963)
Francesco Rosi first received critical attention for his La Sftda then I Magluui, and two years ago, for the outstanding study of the Sicilian bandit Sahatoie Ciuhano. His new film, Hands On The City… Read more

Heads I Win (Georges Robin, 1963)
An attractive mood film tracing a casual encounter between a teenage boy, on the 'prowl' for suitable company, and an attractive French girl whom he picks up. ... Read more

HEAT (Larissa Shepitko, 1963)
Anarhai, in Kirghizia, the burning hot steppeland covered with prickly scrub, is silent and unpeopIed except for a single yurta rising in the even desert, and black dots of tractors, moving back and … Read more

Henry Moore, London, 1940-1942 (Anthony Roland, 1963)
Using a series of World War II shelter drawings by Henry Moore, this film was made as a homage to the people of London. ... Read more

HIGH AND LOW (Akira Kurosawa, 1963)
Gondo, the production head of a shoe factory, mortgages his house and belongings to gain control of the company. Before he proceeds, a kidnapper rings and asks for a large amount of money for the ret… Read more

Ideal (Bretislav Pojar, 1963)
A satirical comment on human foibles, built around the theme of a man searching for his ideal. ... Read more

Innsbruck Tokyo 1964 (F. W. Bryant Jnr, 1963)
In animated form, the film traces the progress of the Olympic Games from their inception in Greece to their resumption in 1896. A description follows of the planning for the Innsbruck and Tokyo Games… Read more

It's About This Carpenter (Lewis Teague, 1963)
A modern day parable traces the journey of a young carpenter from his Greenwich Village home to a church, where he delivers a commissioned wooden cross. ... Golden Eagle, Cine. ... Read more

Jain Temples of India (Arun Chaudhuri, 1963)
The camera lingers fondly over details of the splendid temples erected for the followers of the Jain faith. ... Read more

Joseph Kilian (Pavel Jurácek, Jan Schmidt, 1963)
This is a tale, with Kafkaesque overtones, of a man who one day rents a cat from a state pet shop and when he wants lo return the animal finds that the shop is no longer there, and perhaps never was. ... Read more

JUDEX (Georges Franju, 1963)
Judex is a homage to the past in the form of a remake of Louis Feuillade's twelve episode serial of 1916. As an affectionate tribute to this forgotten genius whose films numbered about 550. Franju ha… Read more

KANCHENJUNGHA (Satyajit Ray, 1963)
The setting for Satyajit Ray's first film in colour is the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling, in the foothills of the Himalayas: a point suspended in time between modern India and the gracious pas… Read more

Kuarup (Heinz Forthmann, 1963)
A record of an Indian ritual that takes place at Xingu after the death of the chief. ... Read more

L'Abrivade (J. Gringaut-Lefèvre, 1963)
The 'Abrivade' is an old French local tradition of the famous Camargue region. Through the village streets are led a number of wild bulls which have been selected for the arena. The villagers try to … Read more

L'homme Seul (Patrick Ledoux, 1963)
Using skilfully edited archive material, the film examines some facets of Nazism and the resistance to it. ... Jury Prize, Tours Festival; Grand Prix, Bergamo Festival; Prize of the Catholic League, … Read more

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