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LE FEU FOLLET (Louis Malle, 1963)
Le Feu Follet is about suicide. lt is an adaptation by Malle himself of a short novel, originally pub­lished in 1931, recounting the last twenty-four hours in the life of Alain, an ex -playboy, a… Read more

LE JOLI MAI (Chris Marker,Pierre Lhomme, 1963)
"What distinguishes the film most … is its wit, both verbal and visual, so that it is simultaneously illuminating and funny." – Time Out London ... It's May 1962, and with the end o… Read more

Let's Have a Party (Paul Verhoeven, 1963)
A bitter-sweet tale, told with discretion and understanding, of the first love of a shy 15-year-old schoolboy. ... St. Finbarr Statuette, Cork Festival. ... Read more

Love (Yoji Kuri, 1963)
Synopsis not available Read more

Love (Kuri Jikken, 1963)
An almost operatic fantasy on the range of associa­tions of the word, love. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Festival, Golden Dragon Prize, Cracow Festival; Bronze Medal, Venice Festival. ... Read more

MAHANAGAR (Satyajit Ray, 1963)
Turning his back on the nostalgic past, on the lyricism of his earlier films. Satyajit Ray has produced a completely realistic contemporary masterpiece. Its theme is the conflict between the old and … Read more

Malwa (S. N. S. Sastry, 1963)
Ruins from the Malwa plateau in Central India reveal a rich historical and cultural heritage and bring back memories of kings and pods, craftsmen and architects. ... Read more

Maori Arts and Culture - Carving and Decoration (Ronald Bowie, 1963)
The traditional Maori arts of carving and decoration are studied in detail and the techniques involved are illustrated by the Construction of a village meeting-hall. ... Read more

Marriage (M. Kobakhidze, 1963)
A young man is madly in love with a girl. He daydreams of marrying her, but alas, she marries another. ... Grand Prix, Youth Section, Cannes Festival. ... Read more

Measure for Measure (Günter Rätz, 1963)
An animated film, satirising individuals who make in­ferior goods whilst expounding the need for craftsmanship. ... Read more

Meet the Danes (Hagen Hasselbalch, 1963)
A film impressing on the Danes their duties as hosts to foreign tourists visiting Denmark. ... Read more

Mr. Rossi Goes Skiing (Bruno Bozzetto, 1963)
The loveable little Italian cartoon character now tries his hand at the intricacies of winter sports - with the usual disastrous results. ... Special Award, Trento Festival. ... Read more

Muddy Town (Vaclav Taborsky, 1963)
The camera records, with good humour, the reacations of newcomers to the vast sea of mud outside their apartments, which form part of a new housing project, still under construction. ... Read more

NAKED AMONG WOLVES (Frank Beyer, 1963)
The most naturalistic films about the last war have come from the Communist countries — Czechoslo­vakia, Poland, Russia, and now, East Germany. The Iron Curtain countries view it with grey … Read more

NINETY-NINE PERCENT (M) (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1963)
In Ninety-Nine Percent, Mangiamele's only comedy, Italian widower Joseph Pino and his young son Peter live a chaotic and deeply opposed life. However their relationship begins to heal as they embark … Read more

NIRJAN SAIKATE (Tapan Sinha, 1963)
A young girl, who has just been jilted, is taken to the city of Pun by her four widowed relatives. On the train the party befriends a young writer bound for the same place. During his stay there and … Read more

This is a comedy fantasy involving such disparate elements as Chinese restaurants, kidnapping gypsies, and twin sisters who switch identities. The film centres on the differing values of two New Engl… Read more

Panem et circenses (Max Sautet, Paula Neurisse, 1963)
Synopsis not available Read more

Parc des Princes (C. Guillemot, 1963)
With the clever use of sound and an original editing technique, players and spectators are observed during a football mutch at the Parc des Princes in Paris. ... Read more

PASSENGER (Andrzej Munk, 1963)
In September 1961, when Passenger was half finished, Andrzcj Munk was killed in a car accident. The first sequences — in which a woman passenger on a liner is shocked into recollections of Ausc… Read more

Patte Mouillée (Gilles Carle, 1963)
Canada's top contenders for the Olympic competitions to be held in Tokyo in 1964, training and competing in the swimming championships held in Vancouver. ... Read more

PETER AND PAVLA (Milos Forman, 1963)
Milos Forman's first feature-film has as its theme the trials and tribulations of a young boy: his first love, his relations with the adult world, his parents and the people with whom he comes in con… Read more

Pipes of Para (Gil Brealey, 1963)
The changing pace of life in the Barossa Valley as reflected by the churches there. ... Read more

Portrait of Frans Hals (Frans Dupont, 1963)
"Beneath his brush matter becomes a living reality, symbolic of inexorable death and everlasting life... " ... This film is about the life and work of the famous Dutch 17th century artist as seen thr… Read more

Pressure (Kaarlo Nuorvala, 1963)
A sharp protest against the mounting pressures to which school children are subjected at home, at school, in the streets, on the sports field and the effect on the formation of their character. ... Read more

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