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The Duna Bull (Laurence Henson, 1972)
A story of a Scottish island in the Atlantic and of the efforts of the islanders to obtain a new bull from the mainland when the only bull on the island has to be destroyed. ... Read more

The Feelings are the Same (Christian Hartkopp, 1972)
The creators of the film declare, “A film about emotional relations and about the commonly human. Wish for contact may arise between people of different sex and of the same sex. The film tries to d… Read more

The Following Day (Alberto Giraldo Castro, 1972)
A computer operator, a midget, an artist and a prostitute-all appear to live in separate worlds. Yet, their hopes and frustrations have similarities, and they all have to cope with a hostile environm… Read more

Joseph Bioch is the goal-keeper, and in the film's opening sequence he fails to save a penalty kick. He departs suddenly from the ground and we follow his actions through a series of short scenes. He… Read more

THE GOAT HORN (Metodi Andonov, 1972)
The Goat Horn is set in 17th Century Bulgaria where, under the semi-feudal Ottoman rule, there was no law to prevent those in power from imposing their baser desires upon the Bulgarian women-folk. It… Read more

THE HARDER THEY COME (Perry Henzell, 1972)
Made by Perry Henzell, who has emerged successfully from BBC drama training, this is the first feature to have been made in Jamaica. Its plot seems to have been constructed, at least in part, around … Read more

The Horse (Pavao Štalter, 1972)
A horse is galloping through free space, stops, and faces a woman. She holds out a lump of sugar. The horse cannot resist the curiosity, approaches, and eats the sugar offered to him. Tn this very mo… Read more

The Inner Eye (Satyajit Ray, 1972)
A film tribute to an eminent artist Binodebehari Mukherjee of Santiniketan. The art and life of Binodebehari is unique, for at birth he was blind in one eye and lost the other in 1953. and yet his ar… Read more

THE MATTEI AFFAIR (Francesco Rosi, 1972)
Enrico Mattei, an Italian oil tycoon, emerged after the Second World War, as one of the most powerful figures in his country. His influence, often an alienating one, reached into China, Russia, Franc… Read more

This television drama is set just after the first World War. It tells the story of Alice, 17-year-old daughter of a greengrocer in a country town, who is sent to work as a maid in the home of the loc… Read more

THE MONEY GAME (Michel Pearce, 1972)
A filmed account of economic processes which takes the form of a sporting event played on an economics machine with six sets of controls operated by six contestants. Each contestant represents a spec… Read more

The Night Mother Ran Away (Baruch Atir, 1972)
This is the story of a woman who is trying to cope with life in various ways-some of them rather odd. Her final attempt is not necessarily the most meaningful one, but is the strongest weapon availab… Read more

The Numbers Start With the River (Donald Wrye, 1972)
An impressionistic depiction of life in a small American town. ... Read more

The Pavement (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1972)
Using the pavement as a symbol, this animated film sounds a warning against creeping industrialisation destroying the natural world around us. ... Diploma of Merit, Montreal Film Festival. Grand Prix… Read more

THE POSTMAN (Dariush Mehrjui, 1972)
Adapted from George Buchner's play, 'Woyzeck', The Postman is the second film by Daryush Mehrjui, whose first film, The Cow, is also an entry in this year's Festival. ... The postman of a quiet count… Read more

The Prayer (Gvozdanović, 1972)
The prayer of a doomed man is answered. ... Read more

The Raft (George Sluizer, 1972)
The film "The Raft" is a detailed account of a 1,000 km. journey made by a family on a home-made raft through Brazilian jungle, to sell their merchandise in the city. ... Best Short Film, Cracow, 197… Read more

In Carle's new film, Bernadette leaves her husband and, with their son flees the middle-class existence that has been her lot, seeking the freedom she has been denied. They settle on a farm in the ba… Read more

The Return (Jerzy Kucia, 1972)
A lonely passenger Snivels by train. ... Through the window of the dark ... compartment, he sees the landscape ... rushing by. He recollects the limes ... of his childhood: a little provincial ... to… Read more

The Seasons (Artavazd Pelechian, 1972)
The Seasons (1972), overlaying shots of the tireless work of Armenian mountain shepherds with strains of Vivaldi, opts for a universal perspective on the human condition. ... D Artavazd Pelechian P S… Read more

The Soldier and the Three Sisters (Pascal Aubier, 1972)
A soldier flees from battle and finds happiness for a time in a village. He is finally found and killed as a deserter. Three children he has befriended, take his gun. ... Read more

The Song of the Yeti (József Nepp, 1972)
A man-shaped ape (or ape-shaped man?) bullies all living beings he encounters, until he meets his match. ... Read more

The Strange but Unknown Star (Henri Plaat, 1972)
An impression of the world of a female star of the past, mixing fiction and a collage of moving photographs. ... Read more

The Sun is Red (Bent Barfod, 1972)
A film about the environment and pollution, asking among other things, "'. . . Is it enough for me to know that Ihcy are there? Our self-created enemies, whom we do not even know, and who do not hit … Read more

The Tower (Ole Askman, 1972)
A girl feels pursued on the street. She escapes into a tower, where she experiences some frightening moments. ... Read more

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