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The End of the Line (Jon Guilbert, 1982)
A mill railway in Lancashire is closing down. The steam engine driver relates the story of his last days running the line. ... Read more

The Extinct World of Gloves (Jiři Barta, 1982)
A witty parallel demonstrating the fate of mankind through the individual fates of puppet gloves. ... Read more

The Gordon Splits (Michael Cordell, 1982)
A look at two spectacular gorges on the Gordon River in South West Tasmania, filmed for the first time. ... Read more

THE GREAT CHESS MOVIE (Gilles Carle, Camille Coudari, 1982)
Viktor Korchnoi, a Russian defector, and the American Bobby Fischer, sometimes called the best player of all time, are seen competing at the world's great tournaments. ... Gilles Carle, with over 30 … Read more

THE HATTER'S GHOST (Claude Chabrol, 1982)
An adaptation of the novel by Georges Simenon, the film is set in La Rochelle, an ancient township in France, where ... you have to pass through narrow, ill-lit streets to get from one shopping area … Read more

THE HORSE (Ali Özgentürk, 1982)
The film is not about a horse at all. The horse of the title stands for the dreams of people like the central characters of the film: an Anatolian peasant and his 12-year-old son. They have come to I… Read more

THE KING OF COMEDY (Martin Scorsese, 1982)
Andy Warhol has predicted that by the ... end of the century everyone will have ... been famous for five minutes. ... Rupert Pupkin wants 15 minutes. He ... warns it on telvision's late night talk ..… Read more

The Klan - A Legacy of Hate in America (Werner Schumann, 1982)
This documentary traces the beginnings ... of the Ku Klux Klan immediately after ... the Civil War, its growth and prestige in ... the 1920s, and its resurgence in the ... 1960's. ... Read more

The Last To Know (Bonnie Friedman, 1982)
This moving film about four women ... from different economic backgrounds ... shows how alcohol and prescribed drugs ... affect all aspects of their lives - from ... their work situations , to their … Read more

The Living Soil (Roger Seccombe, 1982)
This film summarizes the origin of the soil and the life within it. Photographic techniques reveal actions that our senses cannot otherwise register. ... Read more

The Lost World of Gloves (Jiri Barta, 1982)
During excavation for a new housing development, bits of film are discovered which, when examined prove to contain scenes from a long lost "glove civilization". ... Read more

The Man Who Smoked Too Much (Owen Johnston, 1982)
A writer discovers the perfect way to give up smoking. ... Read more

THE MARQUIS OF GRILLO (Mario Monicelli, 1982)
The historical Marquis of Grillo lived at the beginning of the 18th century in Rome. He was a colourful rake, a member of a still existing and well-known family, and the tales that have been attribut… Read more

THE MEDITERRANEAN (Yan Nascimbene, 1982)
A remarkable first film by Yan Nascimbene, who had been a painter until two years ago. "Minimal" and "Post-minimal' ' art have always been his primary interest-now he sets out to transfer and adapt t… Read more

The Melbourne Concert Hall (David Greig , 1982)
Architects, administrators, interior designers, construction workers and others associated with the construction of the Melbourne Concert Hall are interviewed about the iconic Melbourne landmark. Sho… Read more

The Privilege (Ian Knox, 1982)
In 19th century Orkney, the landowner had the right to take tenant farm girls on their wedding night. The film tells the story of Mary and Tom's wedding day. ... Read more

The Queen Opens the National Art Gallery (Michael Nicholson, 1982)
Cut out animation featuring the Queen and Malcolm Fraser as they open the National Art Gallery in Canberra. ... Read more

The Quinkins (Paul R Gagne, 1982)
A group of Aborigines combined their talents to create the pictures and sounds of this traditional tale of conflict between the Imnins and the Timaras in Dreamtime. The story of the Quinkins is an Ab… Read more

The Roar from Within (Flip Johnson, 1982)
Graceful floating figures begin to fall. They fall to a horrifying, frenzied landscape peopled by writhing monsters. ... Read more

The Saving of the President (P. R. Fine, 1982)
A documentary drama covering the events immediately following the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan on March 31,1981. The film is a re-creation with the actual doctors and nurses and o… Read more

The Sealer (Roger Scholes, 1982)
In 1800, the master of a sealing boat, having survived a year on a remote island in Bass Strait, attempts to escape. ... Read more

The Snowman (Jimmy T Murakami, 1982)
A young boy dreams that his snowman comes to life . Together they share the perils and joys of winter. This animated film uses muted pastels with an exquisite orchestral score to make a non-verbal Ch… Read more

The Sound Collector (Lynn Smith, 1982)
The story of a young boy's fascination with sound and his talent for transforming everyday noises into fantasy. ... Read more

The Station (Veljko Bikić, 1982)
A man waits for transport... ... Read more

The Sting (Zoran Jovanović, 1982)
A long day in the life of a young mother. ... Read more

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