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THE TASTE OF WATER (Orlow Seunke, 1982)
This is the story of a social worker, Hes, who tries to overcome the "system", without having realised that he is already caught in it. ... Hes, who is in his late thirties, has developed a routine w… Read more

THE TROUT (Joseph Losey, 1982)
Joseph Losey says he had wanted to do ... ‘ ‘The Trout' ' , a novel by Roger Vailland, for over 20 years, and somehow ... the film does have a kind of existentialist ... look. (Surely the presenc… Read more

Extremely well acted and entertaining throughout, this charming screwball comedy from Russia is the perfect vehicle for Ludmilla Gurshenko, a popular actress in Russia, who displays a beautiful varie… Read more

Them (Bill Mather, 1982)
A condensed account of evolution that owes more to Groucho Marx than to Darwin. ... Read more

THREE HORSEMEN (David MacDougall, Judith MacDougall, 1982)
A portrait of three generations of Aborigines - an old man, his nephew, and a 13-year-old boy - as they work to get an Aboriginal cattle station going on Cape York peninsula, northern Queensland. ... Read more

Times are Changing (Mitch Mathews, 1982)
With 38 years of experience behind him, ... George Parker is the No. 1 machinist at ... the factory where he has been employed ... most of his working life. His wife, ... Joyce, mothers her family wi… Read more

Tommy's World (Margot Lethlean, 1982)
The inner lives of a selection of moderately handicapped persons is shown through their paintings. ... Read more

Trapeze (Mino Bonon, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

TUKANA (Chris Owen, 1982)
Tukana, whose title is both the name of the film's troubled hero and the word for "walking stick" in one of the divergent tribal languages of the North Solomons province of Papua New Guinea, is the f… Read more

TURKEY SHOOT (M) (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1982)
"It is impossible to defend Turkey Shoot, therefore it is essential viewing." - ... When Philip Adams declared this "unrivalled sadism and brutality" and "pornographically violen… Read more

ULIISSES (Werner Nekes, 1982)
"The grammars of thought are changed by history, but the stories remain the same". The radical, prolific Nekes has subjected James Joyce's epoch-making novel to a similar creative transformation on f… Read more

VALENTINA (Antonio J. Betancor, 1982)
Valentina was along, very popular television series. This film is the first part of a four-part film version made from the ... series. The story, set in the early part of the century in an Aragonese … Read more

VERONIKA VOSS (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1982)
The sports reporter, Robert Krohn, meets by chance the ex-UFA star, Veronika Voss, still an attractive and extremely interesting woman. Fascinated by her personality and charm, he is determined to se… Read more

VIETNAM REQUIEM (Bill Couturie, Jonas McCord, 1982)
Vietnam Requiem is a documentary focusing on five Vietnam veterans who are now serving time in prison. All five men ... enlisted - each fought honorably and was heavily decorated for heroism. The fil… Read more

Vodka Orange (Dominique Deruddere, 1982)
A young man attempts to keep his father in hospital happy, even if it means breaking all the rules. ... Read more

Wet Paint (Michael Huisman, 1982)
Bruxelles' staid old brick buildings are decorated with vivid, gay designs. ... Read more

Where Did You Get That Woman? (Loretta Smith, 1982)
An affectionate portrait of an ageing washroom attendant who thrives on the social stimulation afforded by her job on the periphery of the night scene. Her ironic observations on the behaviour of the… Read more

Where Rainbows Wait for Rain (Harry L. Gordon, 1982)
Burgess Meredith narrates a deeply personal, almost spiritual journey through the Chihuahuan Desert in the company of an unseen wise old man. ... Read more

White Noise (Michelle Mahrer, 1982)
An experimental film. ... Read more

Who Wants Unions? (Laszlo Barna, Laura Alper, 1982)
A movement to "de-unionise" industry has been gaining considerable ground in the US and Canada in recent years. It has developed a new breed of "union-buster" using persuasive psychological technique… Read more

X-Streams (Myron Emery, 1982)
Seven separate visions of Los Angeles, sprawling, fast-paced city of millions. Myron Emery teaches optical printing at the California Institute of the Arts, using apparatus left over from the first "… Read more

Yirawala - The Picasso of Arnhemland (Sandra Holmes, 1982)
The poignant story of Yirawala MBE, a tribal man of high degree, who fought to hold back a tidal wave of change, even though he knew some people wanted the money from mining. ... The film shows the m… Read more

YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE (Henning Carlsen, 1982)
The film is as ambiguous as its title, and in giving no definite ending, it leaves plenty to contemplate. Claus Worm, an architect, finds himself in a desperate and embarrassing position, concerning … Read more

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