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Eat (Kathy Drayton, 1988)
The atmosphere is seedy and nocturnal. Its content takes on a variety of references each related to instinct and daily survival. Waking up, eating, money, sex, drugs, death, the ephemeral nature of n… Read more

E’Ellermanin: The Story of Leo and Leva (Lorraine Mafi-Williams, 1988)
The legend of Leo and Leva (or should that be Elvis!) told by the contemporary custodian of their story's sites. ... "All my stones have messages - philosophy, teachings. The stories are connected to… Read more

EGG (Danniel Danniel, 1988)
... ... Johan de Bakker is a first-rate baker, meticulous in his trade and exacting in his recreational pursuits which include balancing eggs, building towers of pebbles by the river and waiting stoi… Read more

EIGHT MEN OUT (John Sayles, 1988)
... ... Last years festival guest John Sayles continues his exploration of classic American social myths, with his long-cherished project on how the 1919 Chicago White Sox baseball team threw the Wor… Read more

Embrace (Bill Mousoulis, 1988)
"In the explosive point of contact between what the star actually projects, and what the fan longingly invests, a soul is born" -Adrian Martin ... "Confessions of a Mask" Cinema Papers March '88 ... Read more

Faint Echoes (Paul Winkler, 1988)
Metaphors explode sometimes. Faint Echoes is concerned with the act of watching and being watched. Crowd scenes from baseball movies are combined with sequences from Triumph of The Will where Hitler … Read more

Fate (Javoslava Havettova, 1988)
'Boy, you've got to carry that weight a long time'. An animated comment on life's ironies. Prize-winner, Berlin Film Festival. ... Read more

Feet of Song (Erica Russell, 1988)
African beats propel a vibrant animation of expressive dance.- (LS) ... Read more

Flower Animation 2 (Nick Ostrovskis, 1988)
No synopsis available ... Read more

FROM RUSSIA WITH ROCK (Marjaana Mykkanen, 1988)
... ... From Russia with Rock is the first overview of the Soviet rock scene, and in particular its unofficial representatives. In December 1987, a seven-day rock festival was staged in Moscow, the f… Read more

Gentlemen (David Farringdon, 1988)
... ... A haunting, grainy and poetic tribute to the ethos of the public toilet — gay sex, desire and frustrations. ... ... ... Originally shot on Super 8. ... Read more

GHOSTS . . . OF THE CIVIL DEAD (John Hillcoat, 1988)
The first feature from former Swinburne students English and Hillcoat blows the cobwebs out of the Australian feature in one gut wrenching cinematic punch It's tough, uncompromising and totally unlik… Read more

Here Comes the Sun (George Maas, 1988)
A factory worker at the end of his day's work. ... The third part in a trilogy entitled Everyday Madness made while the director was a student at the Berlin Film School (Deutsche Fttm-und Femsehakade… Read more

Hey Paris! (Gregor Nicholas, 1988)
A couple dance rings around our expectations of masculine' and 'feminine', proving there are more twists to gender than you can polka a suck at. ... From the director of Bodyspeak and Drum/Sing, a cl… Read more

HIGH HOPES (Mike Leigh, 1988)
... ... Mike Leigh's latest film is his first made directly for cinema release in 17 years and a fitting culmination to the retrospective of his films screening through the festival. ... The most sop… Read more

Higher Than High (Virginia Murray, 1988)
Synopsis not available Read more

HOMECOMINGS (Dirk de Bruyn, 1988)
Dirk De Bruyn has made a number of distinctive (usually short) experimental films since the 70's. Homecomings an avant garde examination/diary of the filmmaker's roots is by far his most ambitious fi… Read more

I Hate Mime (Chris Willems, 1988)
A pair of knees go to a disco ... Read more

In 22 Sycamore Street (Ronny Reinhard, 1988)
With the sudden death of Sharon, Jim loses his wife and Maya loses her mother. This bleak tale of bereavement and drug dependency features a striking visual style with dramatic use of lighting and fr… Read more

Jack the Rabbit (Peter Sdtirakis, 1988)
Jack the Rabbit has escaped Jack has no scruples, no morals He hunts detective Mickey Juliette, as he was once hunted. ... Mickey leaves a trail of broken hearts, Jack a trail of death one day they w… Read more

Jackass Johnny (Alex Busby, David Coole, 1988)
Peripatetic travelogue, quasi documentary, a discourse on transience. Jackass Johnny crosses the boundaries of the banal and sentimental in pursuit of the Canadian psyche Timelapse sequences tum to i… Read more

Jade (Jonathan Hourigan, 1988)
An impoverished post-graduate student discovers the means whereby she can become financially independent, please her lover and impress her supervisor. This moral tale of a young woman's education unf… Read more

Jour de Chasse (Jacques Mitsch, 1988)
One day Marcel and Leon, sixty-year-old twins, decided to go shooting in the woods It js to be a very special day. ... Read more

Kingdom of Crabs (Glen Carruthers, Jan Aldenhoven, 1988)
... ... Christmas Island, a speck in the Indian Ocean, is an Australian Territory which was not invaded by humans until 100 years ago. For most of that time, it was attacked by phosphate mining compa… Read more

Kok (Regine Chopinot, 1988)
With Marie Atger, Lee Black. Regine Chopinot, Poonie Dodson. Jean Hughes Laleu. Joseph Lennon ... Read more

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