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Between Us (Bill Mousoulis, 1990)
A deceptively simple, poetic examination of conversations, class back-grounds, individual hopes and dreams, set in Melbourne suburbia. Rick, a young washing-machine repairman, bumps into an old schoo… Read more

Bicycle Ladies (Julie Haras, 1990)
Set in Victorian times, this is a whimsical and magical account of one woman's struggle to overcome society's attitudes and ride a bicycle. ... Read more

BLACK POWER - FAST FORWARD (Peter Cathro, 1990)
This is not a balanced, even-handed portrayal of the Maori gang who call themselves Black Power. They are one of many such gangs in New Zealand, which have for years inspired fear and mistrust among … Read more

BLACK REPUBLIC (Park Kwang-Su, 1990)
... ... A man comes to a dying coal-mining town looking for work. He calls himself 'Kim' — Korea's most common surname. He soon finds that the town is not as placid as it seems: strained labour… Read more

BOILING POINT (Takeshi Kitano, 1990)
... ... In Japan, Takeshi Kitano currently advertises a product called 'Jolt Cola'. Aside from his endorsement, the selling point is that it boasts twice the caffeine of regular colas. For once, star… Read more

Boy Soldiers (Mark Joffe, 1990)
The Australian Children's Television Foundation produced Boy Soldiers as part of the new "More Winners" series. This is another series which attempts to raise issues not normally touched on in childr… Read more

BRAN NUE DAE (Tom Zubrycki, 1990)
Tom Zubrycki's new film (following Friends and Enemies, Kemira etc.) follows performances of Broome's Aboriginal musical Bran Nue Dae, from rehearsal and development to the rapturous reviews and its … Read more

Broken Angel (Margot Niederland, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Bunny (Edwin James Lynch, 1990)
The backyard is the scene for a funeral ritual of a special kind.- (LS) ... Read more

Butoh and the Japanese (Greg Miller, Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1990)
This short version about Japanese Butoh dancers has been prepared to assist with raising support and finance for a feature length production. Butoh is sometimes called the 'dance of darkness', and th… Read more

CANTO A LA VIDA (Lucia Salinas Briones, 1990)
In December 1989 Chile held its first democratic elections since the overthrow in 1973 of the "People's President", Salvador Allende. During the sixteen year dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet … Read more

Catch of the Day (Sarah Watt, 1990)
A dashing surfer rides up on his white steed and declares "I've come - you'll never have to chop onions again..." Jane wakes from her dream... or was it a nightmare?! ... Working at the fish market, … Read more

CHRISTO IN PARIS (David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Deborah Dickson, Susan Fromke, 1990)
The date was September 22, 1985, when environmental artist Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude completed what had been their ten-year obsession; "The Pont Neuf Wrapped." For fourteen days, 440,000 squ… Read more

CITY OF HOPE (John Sayles, 1990)
The camera rarely stops moving in City Of Hope, an unflinching study of the urban dynamics of a contemporary American work­ing class community on the verge of economic breakdown. Drawing from his… Read more

CLOSE-UP (Abbas Kiarostami, 1990)
"Werner Herzog calls this 'the greatest documentary on filmmaking I have ever seen.' Much stranger than fiction, Close-Up recounts the bizarre case of Hosem Sabzian, a frustrated film buff who preten… Read more

Closer From Home (David Shuler, 1990)
William is an ordinary man in his early sixties. He has just paid the bond on an apartment and is waiting for a cheque so he can pay his first month's rent. But things don't quite work out. A series … Read more

Conversations with My Mother is an intensely moving, even disturbing encounter between the filmmaker and his mother, as they relive the traumatic years of Dirk's childhood. The family emigrated to Au… Read more

COSI FAN TUTTE (Peter Sellars, 1990)
In 1990 stage director Peter Sellars shocked the opera world by staging three Mozart operas in typically contemporary American settings. The three operas toured worldwide and were filmed in 1991, the… Read more

McWilliams' ground-breaking documentary is a kind of x-ray into the creative mind of Canada's late animation pioneer, who passed away in 1987. ... Norman McLaren's influence on cinema cannot be overe… Read more

Creature Comforts (Nick Park, 1990)
A series of interviews with animals from an English zoo. They comment on accommodation. diet, and of course, the English weather. ... 1991 Academy Award Winner. ... Read more

CROSS MY HEART (Jacques Fansten, 1990)
Usually films with children are unbearable cute. Cross My Heart has nothing precocious about it. ... In the provinces, a boy's mother drops dead. Out of a quite logical fear of falling into the hands… Read more

CRY-BABY (John Waters, 1990)
John Waters' latest celebration of pop cultural timespin hurls us joyously back into mid-fifties small-town Americana. Baltimore, 1954, to be precise. America is in the process of discovering rock'n'… Read more

CYBERPUNK (Marianne Trench, 1990)
Part of the world's population is already 'post-human" - so muses expatriate American writer William Gibson on the impact of his science fiction series which began with the 1982 Neuromancer and spawn… Read more

CYBERPUNK (Marianne Trench, 1990)
In '82 William Gibson published the first ground-breaking series of what he assumed were science-fiction novels (Neuromancer). Since then 90 percent of his'fictional' concepts have come true. Virtual… Read more

D (Michael Dwass, 1990)
'D' consists of a sequence of still photographs and drawings that have been rotsocoped. The photographs are from a trip across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn on the D train. ... Read more

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