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In Too Deep (Mehreen Siagol, 1997)
Jeff, a troubled loner, is haunted by memories of a brief affair with a woman above his standing and its terrible consequences. Shot with brilliantly cold precision in the Cornish Clay pits, and buoy… Read more

JABILUKA (David Bradbury, 1997)
Visually stunning and simply told, Jabiluka is the chilling story of how the Mirrar people were pressured into allowing uranium mining at Jabiluka in Kakadu National Park. Telling first-hand accounts… Read more

JEROME (Thomas Johnston, David Elton, Eric Tignini, 1997)
Wade Hampton (Drew Pillsbury) has worked as a welder for 15 years, eight hours a day. Amidst the mind-numbing spell of the machinery, he allows quiet introspection to call forth dreams of deeper ambi… Read more

JOHNS (Scott Silver, 1997)
David Arquette gives an emotionally charged performance as the frenzied yet deter­mined, perpetually moving street hustler in Scott Silver's Johns. The film details a day in the (low) life of Arq… Read more

KID NERD (Shereen Jerrett, 1997)
Misunderstood, misrepresented, often just missed the mark... nerds come back with their own voice, their own thick-rimmed glasses and their own geeky foibles in a documentary which pulls not a single… Read more

KISS OR KILL (Bill Bennett, 1997)
Kiss or Kill breathes fresh life into the young-couple-on-the-run genre. Nikki has more reason to hate men than most; as a little girl, she is forced to watch as her mother is set alight and burned t… Read more

La Maison des Cochons (David Harris, 1997)
A passerby enticed by the idea of feasting on a little pig enters the restaurant La Maisoo des Cochons. The staff are friendly - if a little odd - and keen to bring him the platter of pig his heart d… Read more

LABYRINTH OF DREAMS (Ishii Sogo, 1997)
Tickets go cheap on the bus ride to hell. Tomiko is an over-worked conductor on a rural bus line. She receives a disturbing letter from a friend and co­worker claiming that Tomiko's former driver… Read more

Lament for Barney Flanagan (Paul Judge, 1997)
When the Angel of Death taps drunkard Barney Flanagan on the shoulder, he finds himself banging on the pearly gates with little chance of getting in. A comic and cautionary tale with a wicked blend o… Read more

LEILA (Dariush Mehrjui, 1997)
Leila is a beautiful young woman from an affluent background. Just married to a doting husband, Reza, Leila is confronted with the painful reality of being unable to bear children. Reza, contrary to … Read more

Let's Be Friends (Thomas Bardinet, 1997)
A young film director has, for the first time in his life, a meeting with a star... ... Read more

Lily and Jim (Don Hertzfeldt, 1997)
A quirky and oddly charming short that plays with the overly melodramatic struggles of dating and heartbreak. A blind date between two hopelessly naive, neurotic romantics goes from very bad to much … Read more

LIVE FLESH (Pedro Almodóvar, 1997)
"About Live Flesh I can only say that it is the most disquieting film I have ever made and the one that has caused me the most unease." - Pedro Almodovar ... "Almodovar is back on top form with Live … Read more

Loafing (Duane Lavoid, 1997)
Male bonding through competition ensues when four unlikely characters converge on a New York public washroom. A light hearted and outrageously funny look at the veneers of class, money and social sta… Read more

LONDON BRIEF (Jon Jost, 1997)
To those familiar with the extensive array of films by Jon Jost, he is a figurehead, a pioneer amongst independent and experimental filmmakers. Jost is a one-man crew. With camera in hand, he has con… Read more

LOU REED: ROCK AND ROLL HEART (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 1997)
Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart is more than a visual biography. It is the only documentary covering the musician, poet and composer, the man who brought rock and roll into the avant garde. From the be… Read more

Low Job (Jan Bruck, 1997)
John's only sink is in the bathroom. We see him expertly wash up the dishes in this challenging space while reflecting on matters such as music, work ethics, economics and the dishes themselves. A sh… Read more

MABO - LIFE OF AN ISLAND MAN (Trevor Graham, 1997)
Trevor Graham's biography of Eddie Koiki Mabo belongs to a fine tradition in Aus­tralian documentary filmmaking. Astutely balanc­ing the 'personal' and the 'social', Graham presents a concise… Read more

MADE IN HONG KONG (Fruit Chan, 1997)
The winner of more than a dozen awards at festivals worldwide, [Made in Hong Kong] is a striking, black yet humanistic view of disaffected youth. Fruit Chan's astounding 1997 feature debut exhibits a… Read more

MADE IN HONG KONG (Fruit Chan, 1997)
The winner at over a dozen festival awards worldwide, including numerous Best Film and Best Director citations, Made in Hong Kong is the first post-handover independent film from the former colony. I… Read more

MAO'S NEW SUIT (Sally Ingleton, 1997)
Sally Ingleton's documentary charts the for­tunes of best friends Sun Jian and Guo Pei, as they prepare to stage their first designer col­lection in Shanghai's annual Fashion Week. ... Their … Read more

Minotaur's Dance (Lorenzo Recio, 1997)
A minotaur lives in his labyrinth, his time spent praying and drinking. Unable to cope with his isolation any longer he leaves his seclusion to seek forbidden pleasures, but, obtaining what he desire… Read more

MIRROR, THE (Jafar Panahi, 1997)
“One of the most powerful films to have emerged from Iran this decade.” - Toronto International Film Festival A little girl's journey through the streets of Tehran turns into a dazzling metaficti… Read more

MOB LAW (Paul Wilmshurst, 1997)
An absolutely astounding documentary about the life and (alleged) crimes of Oscar Goodman - Mob lawyer. Fans of Scorsese's Casino will recognise Goodman who played himself as Robert DeNiro's court co… Read more

MONDO PLYMPTON (Bill Plympton, 1997)
Mondo Plympton is a fantastic journey through the strange brain of off-the-wall animator Bill Plympton, featuring his classic shorts, rare excerpts, plus brand new work and stories from his animated … Read more

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