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Films In 2006

A man is about to cross a busy road. He falls over. A car is speeding towards him. A reality show programme is commenting the incident: either the man or the driver dies, or both. The public must vote.---D/S/P Wissem Tlili WS Long et Court L TBA TD 35mm/col/2006/10mins ... Read more
Cinema, the projection of our dreams, desires and nightmares, has always been a fertile subject for psychoanalysis. In his freewheeling and endlessly amusing signature style, world famous philosopher, culture theoretician and mad cinema buff Slavoj Zizek takes psychoanalysis on a ride through some ... Read more
This is a film impossible to pin down. The master at unnerving audiences with the mundane is at it again with a virtuoso performance of 'reveal and take away'. Be prepared to choke on the vomit of your own expectations.---D/P Paul Winkler TD 16mm/col/2006/17mins ... Read more
An elderly postman lives alone and lonely following the death of his wife. An act of kindness toward a young boy sparks an unlikely friendship. Though when the boy moves away the post takes on a new significance for the postman.--- ... D/S Adam Bostock P Donna Molan WS Victorian College of Arts TD ... Read more
Anders Morgenthaler's debut animated feature came careening into audiences on the opening night of Director's Fortnight at Cannes just months ago. August, a former missionary priest, returns home to Copenhagen when his sister Christina dies. Known as The Princess, Christina was a celebrated porn ... Read more
High in an apartment building, a solitary woman and her cat see two worlds. One outside the window, the other upon the bright covers of her matchbox collection. A stunning, gently told tale of internal and external life. Cannes Critic's Week award winner (2006). ... D/P Gitanjali Rao TD ... Read more
Snatched on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in 2001, Sami al-Hajj is an Aljazeera TV cameraman who has spent over 15 months in prison, including Cuba's now infamous Guantanamo Bay detention centre, without being charged or informed of the reason behind his incarceration. Aljazeera has doggedly ... Read more
Banned in Indonesia, Promised Paradise follows the quest of an Indonesian puppeteer to meet three men convicted of the 2002 nightclub bombings in Bali. Along the way, director Leonard Retel Helmrich shows the puppeteer's unique method of exploring the issue of terrorism through puppet shows ... Read more
The most loved man in Paris reminisces about a time when he was loved by just one woman instead of a whole city. He longs for a similar love, but is it just his imagination, or could he really leave the adoration of the people behind?--- ... D/P Sotiris Dounoukos S/P Matt Rubinstein. L French ... Read more
Since the Ramones' first frenetic gigs at New York's CBGBs and the Sex Pistols' infamous performance on the Thames, reverberations from the punk rock explosion have been rocking the world, moving beyond the music to influence fashion and spawn entire subcultures. ... But, almost 30 years later ... Read more
Young Latinos in Los Angeles struggle with life as outsiders when they find themselves at loggerheads with traditional family and Catholic values in this sensitive portrayal of Latino life in the USA. Magdalena, getting ready to celebrate her Quinceañera (a Mexican coming-of-age ceremony ... Read more
Filmmaker Gary Burns pushes the boundaries of the documentary genre in unanticipated ways in this study of modern suburbia. The suburbs - the dominant form of community planning in North America for over 50 years - come under the microscope in Radiant City. Taking a close look at what some call ... Read more
A TV journalist goes in search of a fallen idol and finds a modern-day Errol Flynn in this dark, satirical and laconic work that makes light of the ups and downs of stardom. Actor Darren McWarren appeared in soap opera, mini-series and film before destroying his career with a series of personal ... Read more
“You'll grow up, and by that time you'll have outgrown everything about this place.” ... Inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci, one of Italy's most gifted sound editors, Red Like the Sky follows young Mirco, who loses his eyesight after a rifle accident at his family's home in Pisa. Sent ... Read more
“A white knuckle thriller.” - Toronto Film Festival This psychological nail-biter follows Jackie, a surveillance camera officer who observes the streets of Glasgow on a matrix of television screens. One day, she recognises a man whose past collides traumatically with her own and she begins to ... Read more
“I wanted to show a group of boys, naked, with all their dreams, their doubts and illusions, world champions and children at one and the same time.” - filmmaker Joachim Trier Two 20-something best friends are aspiring novelists, each with big dreams and a competitive streak. When one finds ... Read more
“Packs a wrenching emotional punch.” - Variety Rescue Dawn is Werner Herzog's second homage to German born, US Air Force pilot Dieter Dengler who was shot down during the Vietnam War and forced to overcome imprisonment and the wilds of the Vietnamese jungle. The first was the 1997 documentary ... Read more
The latest film from Armenia's greatest filmmaker, Harutyun Khachatryan, is a sublime portrait of the state of his country. Employing the figure of the 19th century national poet, Ashugh Jivani, to frame the documentary, Return of the Poet falls into two distinct halves. The first is a fascinating ... Read more
“The place where my fathers died, return to the land of Gorée, the place where my mothers cried, return to the land of Gorée.” - Harmony Harmoneers African singer Youssou N'Dour takes an epic musical journey in Return to Gorée, following the footsteps of the African slaves and the jazz music ... Read more
Yet another thoughtful piece from the Iranian master, the film combines ... poetry, photography, classical music, and cinema with the leitmotif of the road. A short experimental work that Abbas Kiarostami made almost en passant. ... Read more
“Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthin' to f**k with…” Festival producer Chang Weisberg, the personification of independent hip-hop's DIY spirit, puts everything on the line for his impossible dream of reuniting notorious no-shows The Wu-Tang Clan for their first gig in years. Furiously paced and ... Read more
Christian and William are top graduates from elite educations in finance. The are both attending the final interview for a renowned company. They met in the mens toilets. Their life's worst job interview has just begun.---D/S Janic F. Heen P Kristian Sinkerud WS Norweigan Film Institute LNorweigan ... Read more
Winner of a Palme d'Or Special Mention at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Run is a beautifully observed tale of a Samoan brother and sister who live in fear of their overly protective father. The siblings have to rely on each other in order to teach their father that they can proudly stand on ... Read more
Director John Maringouin's Faustian confrontation with the estranged father, who once tried to kill him, was dubbed “one of the ultimate anti-drug films” when it appeared at the Rotterdam International Film Festival this year. Maringouin considers it a “documentary” spawned by a lifetime of ... Read more
A delightful moral tale about the meaning of trust and friendship, Sankambe introduces us to the dynamic duo of the rabbit Sankambe and Muzhou the Jackal. ... --- ... D George Christacopoulous S Dowelani Nenzhelele P Dumisani Gumbi & Isabelle Rorke WS Anamazing TD video/col/2006/5mins ... Read more
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