Angel of Mine

D Kim Farrant | Australia (2019)

Noomi Rapace, Luke Evans, Yvonne Strahovski and Richard Roxburgh star in the Melbourne-shot and set second feature from Strangerland’s Kim Farrant, as scripted by Oscar-nominated Lion screenwriter Luke Davies.

Seven years after the death of her daughter, Lizzie locks eyes on a sight she thought she’d never see again: a girl, Lola, who is the spitting image of her own lost child. As she battles for custody of her surviving son, Lizzie’s obsession with Lola only grows – befriending the young girl’s mother, following her everywhere and forcing long-held secrets out into the open.

After commanding turns in psychological thrillers The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Passion (MIFF 2013), Rapace makes a spectacular return to the genre in a multi-faceted role, opposite impressive performances from Evans (High-Rise, MIFF 2016), Strahovski (Matching Jack, MIFF 2010) and Roxburgh (H is for Happiness, MIFF 2019). Adapted from the 2008 French movie L’Empreinte, Farrant’s complex and compelling sophomore film once again examines the themes of motherhood and grief that resonated so strongly in Strangerland.

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