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Before her acclaimed feature debut [Look Both Ways] (screening in MIFF this year), Sarah Watt made a name for herself as one of Australia's leading and most distinctive short-film makers. Predominantly bright, painterly animations, her short films uniquely capture the drama and extraordinary existentialism in the lives of her refreshingly humane, often female, lead characters. Poignant, emotional and deeply affecting, the films in this programme are the highlights of her short-film work. [Deep Dive ] (1 min) [Catch of the Day] (12 mins) [Living with Happiness] (7 mins) [Derwent Envy] (15 mins) [Small Treasures] (15 mins) [Local Dive] (5 mins) [Way of the Birds] (23 mins) Sarah Watt will be attending the festival.
D Sarah Watt TD 16mm, 35mm/col/various/78mins