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Two of the world's finest actors, Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving, prepare to perform the Sydney Theatre Company's version of Hedda Gabler in New York. Normally, the rehearsal room is a sacred space, a private domain for taking risks, exposing vulnerabilities and, at its best, creating magic. This documentary gives unprecedented access to a demanding five-week rehearsal process, observing the highly collaborative nature of theatre as a production takes shape. Penned by Blanchett's partner, Andrew Upton, the New York season of Hedda Gabler sold out before opening night, the weight of expectation bearing down on everyone's shoulders. “We were invited in by some of the greatest stage actors in the world, who not only opened their rehearsal space to us but, in the process, also opened their hearts.” - filmmaker Ian Darling


D/P Ian Darling WS Ian Darling TD digibeta/2007/75mins