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“The most intimate, affectionate and revealing portrait of an Australian politician I've ever seen.” - Bob Connolly, co-director Rats in the Ranks Written and directed by journalist, writer, speechwriter (and Australia's foremost chronicler of the Australian Labour Party) Bob Ellis, Run, Rabbit Run is a film of many aspects. It is primarily an intimate portrait of a politician, SA premiere Mike Rann, as he negotiates the maelstrom of his re-election campaign. But it is also a musical, a love story, a tale of great friendships and a portrait of a unique town, Adelaide.

At all times driven by a mischievous affection for the political process, Ellis presents a portrait of an improbably sane man who is also the quintessentially effective, modern politician - an honest man who understands the value of spin, happily caught in the cogs of a machine.

D Bob Ellis, Jack Ellis P Bob Ellis, Anne Brooksbank S Bob Ellis WS Bob Ellis, Anne Brooksbank TD digibeta/2007/129mins