Director Michael Haneke / 2007 / USA, France, Germany, Italy

<p><strong>“Of course this film is a provocation. It is meant as a provocation.” - filmmaker Michael Haneke</strong></p>

<p>In this shot-for-shot remake of his own 1997 feature, Michael Haneke (<em>Hidden</em>, MIFF 05) doesn't water down the sadism for this English-language revamp of <em>Funny Games</em>, starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet.</p>

<p>After arriving at their lakeside summerhouse, a middle-class family of three are besieged by two young men. The merciless pair challenges the family to a series of ‘games', and make them a chilling bet: that they will not survive the next 12 hours.</p>

<p>“Haneke keeps the most horrific violence off screen, but that does not mute the impact&hellip; A classy horror film with a particularly nasty edge.” - Hollywood Reporter <br />

<br />D/S Michael Haneke P Chris Coen, Hamish McAlpine, Hengameh Panahi, Christian Baute, Andro Steinborn Dist Madman TD 35mm/2007/111mins</p>

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