Director Kelly Reichardt / 2008 / USA

<p><strong>A girl and her dog hit the road, in Kelly Reichardt's follow up to her indie favourite <em>Old Joy</em>.</strong><br /><br />Wendy (Michelle Williams, <em>Brokeback Mountain</em>) is on her way to Alaska in her beat up car with her best friend, yellow-haired retriever Lucy, when misfortune waylays her in Oregon, separating her from her canine companion. Broke, and searching desperately for her dog, Wendy finds that the kindness of strangers is the only thing keeping her from homelessness.<br /><br />“Reichardt is a rarity, even among independent filmmakers; she excels at capturing these small, very human moments in the overall stories of her character's lives, bringing them to life with a restraint and beauty that many an A-list director could learn from.” - <em>Cinematical</em><br /><br />Includes a cameo by Will Oldham.<br />

<br />D Kelly Reichardt P Anish Savjani, Neil Kopp, Todd Haynes S Kelly Reichardt, Jon Raymond Dist Potential Films International TD 35mm/2008/80mins</p>

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