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“Chock-full of exuberant characters, lively action, and a variety of emotional and toe-tapping songs.” - Seattle Film Festival

The ghosts of Thai folklore gather in this high-spirited 3D animation that recalls the upbeat creepiness of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nak, the most popular ghost of all time, has grown tired of haunting and has traded in spookiness for a tree-change in the countryside, where she is turning her hand to humanitarian pursuits. When some nasty foreign ghosts pop out of a cinema screen and kidnap a seven-year-old child, Nak and her gaggle of ghoulish cronies snap into action.

Presenting a light-hearted look at Thailand's traditional horror-based legends, and featuring cameos of spectres from all manner of Asian horror films, Nak is uncanny fun.

--- D Nattapong Ratanachoksirikul P Cheewin Kosiyapong S Sanee Jitsuwanwattana WS Sahamongkolfilm L Thai w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008