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Due to circumstances beyond MIFF's control, LOOKING FOR ERIC will no longer screen at the festival. See here for details.

“Ken Loach in feelgood mode.” - Independent

Former soccer star Eric Cantona stars as himself in this uncharacteristically optimistic film from Ken Loach (It's a Free World, MIFF 08; The Wind That Shakes the Barley, My Name Is Joe).

Soccer fanatic and depressive postal worker Eric finds his life hitting rock-bottom. In a moment of despair he confides in the life-size poster of Cantona hanging on his wall - and the French soccer star responds with advice. Coached by the imaginary Cantona's cryptic counsel, Eric begins to change his life for the better.

With just a dash of grim reality thrown in for Loach measure, Looking for Eric is a clever comedy, an (imaginary) buddy movie and an unconventional romance, with plenty of inside jokes for ardent soccer fans.

--- D Ken Loach P Rebecca O'Brien S Paul Laverty Dist Icon Film Distribution TD 35mm/2009