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“Just like time, death, violence, space, faith and sex, fear is one of the great themes of philosophical, scientific and artistic investigation.” - Kiko Goifman

A man enters a cage filled with pigeons wearing a jacket made of baguettes. A person is strapped into a bed above a nest of gigantic rats. Another woman hangs naked on a trapeze while remote controlled cars with dildos fixed to their roofs drive round underneath her. All for the sake of imagery?

The white robed, fictional director of this altered states documentary believes that the only true and ultimately real image of a face is that of someone being confronted by their worst phobia.

Filmephobia is a Chinese box of alternating truth and illusion, examining the mystery of phobias from a (possibly) entirely aesthetic perspective.

--- D Kiko Goifman P Beto Tibiriçá, Jurandir Müller S Kiko Goiman, Hilton Lacerda WS PaleoTV L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008