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An experienced television newsman, Jason Brady, is drawn into a web of corruption and blackmail. He discovers that a factory is polluting the atmosphere in the Montreal slum district of St. Xavier. Children living nearby are falling sick and dying. While visiting one of the children at a hospital, Brady encounters Marion Galbraith, a social worker, and he steadily becomes involved with both of them.The chemical factory's management resorts to blackmail and violence in order to discourage his inlerest in the pollution issue; his wife is upset by his association with the social worker.

As the threads of his personal and professional life appear to fall apart, his television station fails to support him, and he realises that he must pay the price if he persists in his one man crusade against the factory.

Director Robin Spry has commented on the film, ‘It's about how far you can lend yourself to an institution without contributing to the negative aspects of that institution'.