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Sisters Laura, Beatrice and Claire reside in Lyon in an ambience of shared happiness. Each of them considers themselves vital to the well-being of the other two. Laure runs the household and the tango school left by their father; Beatrice is rich, generous and believes she is indispensable; Claire, the youngest, who is a talented pianist, gets on everyone's nerves, but is liked anyway. Their peace and contentment is shattered when their father returns after 15 years. Suddenly, it is every woman for herself. Claude Mourieras' new film, which premiered to great acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival this year, is a powerful story of three women and the lengths to which they must go to shrug off a lifetime of emotional baggage. Natacha Reginer (The Dreamlife of Angels), Sandrine Kiberlain (The Apartment) and Miou-Miou (The Eighth Day) are outstanding as the three sisters who must stick together in order to survive the impending disaster. French screen veteran Michel Piccoli shines as the father who is unaware of the power of his destructive love.


La Chambre des Magiciennes
MIFF 2000