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Kijima, a WWII veteran, has always blamed himself for leaving his wounded comrade Kanayama behind to be killed by American forces-recurring nightmares conjure the terrifying fate he imagines his friend to have suffered. Kijima refuses to attend his pals annual drunken reunion dinner and is only persuaded when told that Kanayama's granddaughter will also attend.

Not Forgotten deals with the pain associated with nostalgia and regret. The director lures us deep into a beautiful tale of elderly men and the lifelong camaraderie forged in combat. Only when the audience is comfortable does he detour down a path littered with conspiracy, fraud and suicide.

Utopia Corporation use hi-tech means to dupe the elderly out of their homes and savings. When some of their number are ruined by Utopia, Kijima and his brothers-at-arms must again summon the courage for a battle where there can be only one survivor.

A Vancouver Film Festival award winner.