Director Garri Bardin / 2010 / Russia

The classic Hans Christian Andersen tale gets a glorious stop-motion makeover at the hands of legendary Russian animator Garri Bardin.

In a farmyard populated with roosters, hens, ducks and geese, a strange-looking duckling is born. Shunned by the others for looking different, our plucky avian protagonist must persevere until he can find a place where he belongs.

The feature debut from 69-year-old Bardin, who made his name with four decades' worth of satirical animated shorts, The Ugly Duckling took six pain-staking years to complete.

The results speak for themselves: Bardin's handmade animation has infused this timeless story of non-conformity with poignancy, charm and humour.

MIFF recommends: Age 10+
Some adult themes and sensitive content

D/P/S Garri Bardin WS Films Boutique L Russian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2010

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