Director Takashi Miike / 2010 / Japan

"A serious dash of Miike weirdness... One of the most memorable closing shots ever." - Twitch Film

In 2004, MIFF favourite Takashi Miike (see 13 Assassins, also in this year's program) directed a deranged superhero parody about a geeky teacher who dons striped tights to crush crime as Zebraman.

Unconscious for many years, Zebraman awakens in 2025 to find Tokyo in the grip of a totalitarian Mayor and his egomaniacal pop star daughter. Police death-squads conduct random shootings and alien invaders are on the loose. When a mysterious mute girl reignites the fire of justice in Zebraman, the superhero is reborn, ready to spark a revolution.

Ghoulish effects and a crazed cast combine with an outlandish plot to create an unforgettable piece of J-weirdness.

"As usual with Miike, the genre lines get blurred - or obliterated." - Japan Times

D Takashi Miike P Takashi Hirano S Kankuro Kudo WS Toei Company L Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2010

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