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"Three love stories told with absorbing passion… director Dalibor Matanić looks back in compassion at the rifts left by Yugoslavia's wars." – Hollywood Reporter

As Yugoslavia collapses, splinters and creates new, hard-won identities out of the rubble of the old, three very different couples in three very different times – 1991, 2001 and 2011 – find themselves thrown together by ethnicity and circumstance, waging their love against a backdrop of lingering sectarian hatred. The differences that fight to keep them apart seem almost too small to notice, but the tides of history are powerful and have little regard for the whims of women and men.

Powered by strong performances from the two leads, Goran Markovic and Tihana Lazovic, who play all three of the lovelorn couples, The High Sun is the absorbing, heart-wrenching new film from Croatian writer/director Dalibor Matanić. A movie about war that's fuelled by love, The High Sun brings a unique and richly humane perspective to one of the 20th century's most vexed and virulent conflicts