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"Director Karyn Kusama's strongest work in years … a perfectly pitched exercise in psychological dread." – Variety

Will and Kira are on their way to the house of Will's ex, Eden, for a dinner party. It's the first time they've seen each other since the death of their young son tore their relationship apart. Will is on edge from the get-go, convinced that Eden and her strangely smiling friends are up to something sinister, but the line between paranoia and grief is a narrow one, and dangerous for those who walk it.

Nothing is quite as it seems in The Invitation, the insidious, deftly woven psycho-thriller from acclaimed indie director Karyn Kusama. A gripping study of delusion, fear and suspicion, The Invitation will have you squirming with self-doubt from beginning to end – the only thing that's for certain is that you'll never look at a dinner party invitatiton the same way again.