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"Might just be the best American sex comedy since Paul Mazursky's Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. Jumps from extreme silliness to unbridled outrageousness to a truth most dramas do not achieve." – Huffington Post

It's awkward, making friends as an adult. When newly transplanted Seattle-ites Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) head to a Los Angeles playground with their son, it's hard to know what to make of a dinner invite from Kurt (Jason Schwartzman).

What begins as an evening playdate for the kids takes an odd turn when 30-something sexual desires and insecurities bubble to the surface. Writer/director Patrick Brice (responsible for another uneasy encounter in MIFF 2014's Creep) has created a cringingly funny, perversely sexy comedy of modern ill manners.

Screened at Sundance and Tribeca, this is Brice's second effort in tension and discomfort, this time bringing the belly laughs and stomach churns in equal measure.

"An unpredictably weird and delightful sex comedy, The Overnight has a sly take on contemporary coupledom." – New York Post