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"A fascinating run-through of Zappa's greatest – and weirdest – moments." – The Guardian

Selected for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and winner of the Asbury Park Music Foundation Award, Eat That Question observes the byzantine brain of this 70s avant-rock iconoclast, through his wild musical odysseys and his devilish tongue.

Using only archival footage, documentarian Thorsten Schütte distils news reports, concert footage and Zappa's needling clashes with everyone from talk show pioneer Steve Allen to gormless music reporters to First Vice-Lady Tipper Gore, during her censorious court crusade. Zappa's musical career careened from doo-wop to jazz-slop to symphonic rock, but he never ceased to be a thought-provoking commentator on America's counterculture growing pains. Schütte delivers a portrait for nerds and neophytes alike.

"As a primer of his diverse output, it's a supremely inviting way into his work ... A service to the man's legacy and a highly entertaining film at the same time." – Twitch