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"A melancholic love-hate poem to Cairo and the role of filmmakers in any city in pain … [a film] of profound weight and intricate sadness, grappling with loss in myriad forms through separation, death, politics and ineluctable decay." – Variety

Documentary-maker Khalid is at the end of his tether. Years deep into a project on the soul of Cairo, he can't work out exactly what it is he's trying to say. As the ructions of the Arab Spring rise around him and he's forced to grapple with his own domestic turmoils, Khalid only knows one thing for sure: he must continue filming, at all costs. Perhaps in the chaos he'll find his reason.

Acclaimed documentarian Tamer El Said makes his feature film debut with In the Last Days of the City, a semi-autobiographical, almost mythic rumination on home, urbanity and the power of cinema to mark and make sense of the passage of history. Cut together from more than 250 hours of footage, In the Last Days of the City is a captivating testament to and lament for a city of extraordinary complexity and passion, being slowly corroded by those who purport to care for it.