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"Anchored by an exquisitely crafted script and fine-tuned aesthetics, Indignation offers a compelling twist on the coming-of-age genre with intelligence and wit to spare." – Collider

Leaving his small New Jersey hometown for an Ohio college offers an escape on many fronts for Marcus Messner (Logan Lerman), most notably dodging the draft as the Korean War rages, and evading his overprotective father. Alas, attending a Christian college as the atheist-identifying son of a Jewish butcher, Marcus learns that university life heralds its own challenges. While a blossoming romance with the alluring but fragile Olivia (Sarah Gadon) sparks a sexual awakening, Marcus finds his intellect and values questioned by his professors and classmates.

No stranger to book-to-film adaptations during his two-decade career as a writer and producer (he co-wrote multiple Ang Lee films and produced Brokeback Mountain, among many others), legendary film industry veteran James Schamus makes his directorial debut by bringing Philip Roth's deeply personal novel of the same name to the screen. Buoyed by breakthrough performances by both Lerman and Gadon, Indignation eschews typical coming-of-age platitudes to present a sharply delivered, psychologically focused exploration of the human condition.

"A film that is simultaneously erudite and emotional, literary and alive." – Hollywood Reporter

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Please note: the screening on Sunday 7 August is a captioned screening of the film where captions will display on the screen to enable deaf and hard of hearing audience members to access the film.