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'A road movie, a buddy movie, an ultra-violent gangster adventure, a pitch-black comedy, and a Beckettian investigation into life's absurdity, all rolled into one … a major cinematic event.' – Cinema Scope

Legend of Hong Kong comedy Michael Hui teams up with festival darling Chung Mong-hong (The Fourth Portrait, MIFF 2011) for the audacious and almost indescribable Godspeed. A blood-spattered riff on Asian genre filmmaking that veers between Tarantino-style excess, philosophical disquisition and outright slapstick, Godspeed is impeccably composed and utterly demented fare from one of Asia's most exciting filmmakers.

Point A to Point B: it's a drug deal so simple even an idiot could pull it off. In this case, that idiot is low-rent car thief Na Dow, who's been hired to transport a brick of stolen heroin from Taipei to the country's south. It shouldn't take more than a few hours, but when his cabbie, Lao Xu (Hui), coaxes Na into his taxi the two are hurled into the middle of a terrifying drug war – and the only way out is going to be through bickering and bloodshed.