Director Blaise Harrison / / France,Switzerland

Teenage kicks and the Large Hadron Collider come together for the first time in this striking mix of coming-of-age drama and eerie sci-fi dread from adventurous new voice, Blaise Harrison. 

What could be more combustible than adolescence? How about coming of age right next to the Large Hadron Collider, where protons are literally crashing into each other to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang? In emerging Swiss filmmaker Blaise Harrison’s feature debut, teenage P.A. and his group of friends – who attend high school mere metres from CERN’s proton-smashing behemoth – start to witness strange phenomena manifesting in their tiny French-Swiss border town, and soon their whole world seems to be on the verge of turning inside out.

Audaciously combining atmospheric cinematography and unusual sound design, Harrison conjures a world on the edges of realism and fantasy, and of adolescence and an uncertain adulthood, while cultivating one of the most original, adventurous conceits in the irresistible teen sci-fi genre since Donnie Darko.

“Blaise Harrison is a revelation with his feature debut, a teen movie with a very personal style at the crossroads of fantasy and quantum physics.” – Cineuropa

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