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The Fipresci-winning [Los Muertos] (Cannes, 2004) places Lisandro Alonso firmly in the ranks of Argentina's best. Alonso achieved much with his 2001 debut feature, [La Libertad], but this powerful and primal film is unequalled in its creation of atmosphere and uncompromising realism. Masterful long takes combine with a beautifully restrained narrative to deliver filmmaking at its best.
Vargas is a man who has been incarcerated for murder. On his release, he makes a journey through the remote wilderness in search of his daughter, engaging with others only as circumstances dictate. The past is largely unknown in [Los Muertos] and yet it is everywhere, haunting and shaping both Vargas and the film's action. The towering natural environment diminishes the self-contained Vargas, evoking a sense of his isolation and inevitable return to the past.
"[Los Muertos] is a self-confident and daring film with an utterly original visual language... Right up until the end, one continues to wonder whether Vargas is a man of silent resignation or of latent bloodlust." - Rotterdam Film Festival
Contains scenes that may offend some viewers
D/S Lisandro Alonso P Lisandro Alonso, Ilse Hughan, Marianne Stot, Mickel Reilhac WS F For Film L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/col/2004/78mins
Lisandro Alonso was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1975. His films are [La Libertad] (2001), [Los Muertos] (MIFF 05).