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Back in 1986, Dogs in Space condensed an era, immortalised a rock star and stepped straight into our collective unconscious.

To celebrate its digital restoration, MIFF is proud to reawaken this dissonantly up-beat adventure in share housing and the disintegrating punk scene. Late INXS singer Michael Hutchence plays an enigmatic band frontman based on director Richard Lowenstein's real-life housemate, Sam Sejavka. Filmed in the Richmond squat that the pair shared, the soundtrack features Hutchence, Ollie Olsen, Iggy Pop, the Boys Next Door and Marie Hoy's legendary interpretation of ‘Shivers'.

With chaotic style and lifestyles, plentiful drugs and biting dialogue, the film portrays the destruction of an anarchic utopia and captures the mood of this pivotal period.

“Has talent, intelligence and no idea what to do with them.” - New York Times

--- D/S Richard Lowenstein P Glenys Rowe Dist Fandango Australia TD HDCAM/1986