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"We think of the film as this living collage … taking all of these images and voices and histories of youth from the past and re-scrambling them into something that feels like a new work." - director Matt Wolf

With the future of the world at stake, the battle between adults and youths has always been a passionate conflict of rebellion and hope. With Teenage, Matt Wolf (Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell, MIFF 2008) takes an unconventional look back at the creation of a new demographic group, when child labour ended and a new stage of life emerged. Focusing on this pre-history of teenagers - from flappers and swing kids to Nazi youth and jitterbugs - this entertaining documentary shines a light on the struggle to define youth and the rebel spirit that fires during these turbulent years.

Based on the revolutionary book by punk author Jon Savage, Teenage combines archival footage, diary entries and a score from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter to form an explosive look at how teenagers were born.

D Matt Wolf P Kyle Martin, Ben Howe S Matt Wolf, Jon Savage WS The Works International TD HD Cam/2013

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