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"Surprising and compulsively watchable … a haunting examination of male obsession and domination, that also serves as a weird sort of love story." – The Guardian,

When Frank (Michael Shannon), a chef, falls in love with Lola (Imogen Poots), they're not so different from any other new couple: passionate, intense, sex-fuelled. However, passion can't always manage the transition into domesticity and when Lola is offered a new job that demands ever-longer and more difficult hours, Frank becomes increasingly resentful and suspicious. So when a troubling figure from Lola's past reappears, Frank decides to take matters into his own hands – a decision which threatens to destroy everything he cares about.

What starts as a straight-up love story transforms into an international thriller and sun-drenched neo-noir as writer/director Matthew Ross makes an attention-grabbing debut with the riveting, sexy and suspenseful Frank and Lola. Anchored by a powerhouse performance from Shannon as the brooding, obsessive Frank, it's a character study par excellence, a work of troubling complexity that always remains one step ahead of the viewer.

"Part drama, part psychosexual thriller, part revenge fantasy, Michael Shannon's latest platform balls up the dark mystery of Polanski, the vivid passion of De Palma, and the razor tension of Hitchcock." – Consequence of Sound